What's with the Live Weather not loading on certain flights?

As stated in the subject what’s with the Live Weather not loading on certain flights? Generally it works on the first flight but I have to close the flight simulator and then reload a flight.

Sometimes though rarely even on the first flight the Live weather won’t load and the altimeter is always 29.92.

Am I doing something wrong ? Or is there a trick to resolve this issue

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It’s probably a bug. I have noticed the same and someone on the forums suggested loading the flight in clear weather mode and then select live weather. I have been doing that and so far live weather worked everytime.

See here for workaround:

And here for upvoting of the bug report:

Thanks a lot for your reply. Can you believe that I have been closing and opening the entire sim to get perfect weather each time :smiley:

I have too. I’ve been aware of this workaround for ages, but it wasn’t clear that you must use it starting with your first flight and not wait until before your second flight, which doesn’t work.

Thank you so much. I just tried it and it worked.

It’s been like so since day 1

Yup. Very important. Once the weather breaks, it’s broken until you restart the sim. You have to do this “fix” on the first flight, and then select your live weather manually for all subsequent flight. And it will work for all.

If you select Live Weather before going into your first flight, it may work that first time, but will break for subsequent flights, and this workaround won’t work until you restart the sim.

Do you have your multiplayer option set to Live Players or All Players? When selected to Live Players, the WX option is greyed out.

I have never had live weather fail and I’m trying to see if there’s a correlation as I have never selected the All players option.

I have all live players turned off currently, but this workaround doesn’t work under Live Players since it doesn’t allow you to change your weather.

But I’ve tried every variation possible, and for me the result is always the same - Live weather first flight, no weather subsequent flights until I restart the sim.

You are absolutely correct.

I did find a way to get real weather to work in the following scenario, but I haven’t repeated enough yet to know if it works all the time.

If you have completed a flight, and want to start a second flight, turn off the engines/fuel (to force the flight log entry), then go back to the globe and create your next flight.
Like I said, I’ve only had a chance to test it once so far. Your mileage may vary

I am having this issue. Going to try these solutions

My live weather used to work great but its awful now. You can actually tell before you go into a flight if its going work or not. When i first open the game and launch a session it works great, im currently in a 700 mile trip in the TBM. When i land shut down and end flight, i know for a fact that it’ll be clear sky all across the globe. You can see this by clicking “Set Destination” on different airports or locations around the world on the globe screen and looking at the top right corner to see how the weather looks, it will never change. Once you close the game and re-open it, the weather will be fixed again.

Best way to check weather without having to load a game each time:

Go to https://www.windy.com

Filter the map by thunderstorms

Find a big storm on the map, right click on that storm and you’ll get some coordinates.

Copy those coordinates and paste them into the “Search” bar on the left of the ingame globe screen then set that marker as your destination.

If you see thunder and lightning or at least heavy cloud/rain on the weather rectangle top right, weather is working.

For now I’ve just accepted after each flight i have to totally restart the game. The clear skies preset trick does not work for me.

That’s technically a continuation of the same flight. As long as you don’t exit the world and go back to the home screen, the weather will continue working. As long as you don’t care to fly at another location, that’s certainly an option.

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