What's wrong with Live Weather?

When I load a flight and sitting on the ramp, Live weather is not injecting or working. It’s not until like 5 minutes later that all of a sudden clouds pop up and weather is working.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something here?


This post was made in December last year but here it references:

  • Weather sometime takes time to download

I believe this refers to what you explain where it can take some time for the weather to inject.


Yes I also lost live weather. On a long flight but midway live weather stopped. This is earlier than the usual outage which usually starts at 23.00 UTC. I lost live weather at around 22.00 UTC or possibly earlier. Anyone else having this?

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I’m UK based and Live Weather is currently working for me, 22:35z.

Thats strange, I am also UK based. Any suggestions to get back the live weather mid flight?

The only thing I can think to suggest is to go into:

General Options > DATA > Data Connection

and Switch ‘Online functionality to off’, hit ‘apply and save’ then cycle it back to ‘on’ and hit apply and save again. I’ve read somewhere here that this can reset the online service functionality.

Hope that helps for you!

Thanks, just tried that but no luck, no live weather. The live weather was working when I took off and for the first part of my flight (in the air for 3 hours now) but then live weather stopped. Data is on and in fact I can see multiplayers

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Yeah, that’s a very strange one.

The only other similar issue I’ve seen like that was reported here:

Really sorry I can’t be of anymore help, it’s a strange one.

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I think it must be the distance bug. Also I did a previous flight and did not quit and restart the sim which is what I should have done.

Same behavior here since a few days now.

Here in the US for me it appears to go on break around 3 PM Pacific time everyday. If can start a flight before I get weather, a minute after 3, nothing.

Same here with the exception, that after 34min offblock time, the live weather finally loads in.

I give up. What?

Yes I experienced the loss of weather too. And at the same time I once again lost Azure ATC voices. I am in Texas and was doing a flight from KDCA to KBOS. Mid flight I lost weather and ATC. It happens every day now…