What's your best challenging flights and in what aircraft?

Hi there, I was wondering what are your most challenging flights and in what aircraft? What Aircraft is most challenging? Any information is greatly appreciated. TIA

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Granted this was like my third flight on VATSIM, but I was in a 737 flying into KABQ, with the mountains there I threw the plane down hard because I screwed up the approach and didn’t want to go around haha.


Oh my… Trying to take off and land the Pitts Special without using the external view. Bonus points, try it with a moderate cross wind.


I took off for an evening flight in the C152 from CYYJ Victoria, BC. It got dark and a snow storm moved in so I could not see my way home. I found the shoreline and flew at 150 ft until I saw the runway lights. I was actually sweating it out, and I was very glad to see those lights. Made it home safe. Well done Asobo!


Gliders, like LS-4 or easier Discus 2c or AS-33 in real life weather - stay aloft without any engine - this is the real flying!

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God, I really hate that aircraft. Is it really that overly twitchy in real life?

Getting a little too high in a C-172, then ice up.
Trying to find a nearby airport to land is fun and stressful at the same time.

Fly literally any plane into TFFJ coming in over the ridge and don’t get wet.

I remember one of the first flights I did after I bought the game, in XCub, live weather and early night (dark). Can’t remember where but had rows of beautiful snowy ridge mountains everywhere, frozen lake/rivers and dense forest on the flats. Started quite gently but ended up flying into a full-on blizzard and couldn’t see a thing except the odd glimpse of valley walls REALLY close and the treetops in between waves of snow!

The plane was being pushed at over 45 degree slip and I was fighting to keep it level and keep altitude up, so I couldn’t really go where I wanted - just where the wind was pushing me - which so happened to be into the face of a mountain that came from nowhere. It was hair-raising but definitely helped to get me hooked on the sim, knowing that situations like that were possible to discover at any point.

Also some of the Red Bull Air Race addons are cool. Try a fast plane round Silverstone! Gee Bee or Pitts Special. I dare you :wink:

You’ll need this: Silverstone Motorsport Circuit UK & Heliport EGBV » Microsoft Flight Simulator

And this: Red Bull Air Race Silverstone Circuit Event » Microsoft Flight Simulator

(Check for dependencies too)

Flying into KASE can be challenging anytime and especially during bad weather. Probably that and flying into Juneau PAJN can also be tricky during low visibility, If I remember right, the runway is offset from the approach path which makes that interesting to get her down.

14.06° to be exact. Bookmark the page below - it’s the searchable database for all airports under US FAA control, and all charts are free to download. All 50 states, along with US Territories are covered. When you look up PAJN, get the LDA X Rwy 8 chart for details on flying the offset approach.