What's your ideal "comfort flight"?

I can certainly recommend VFR-hopping between these Norwegian fjords and coastlines. They have been great fun for me these recent weeks.


Yes definitely a beautiful area full of amazing landscapes. Been spending some time around there last few days coincidentally!

Take off from Bergen (ENBR) and the towns and villages there are very pretty.

There is this addon for the main airport:

If you’re in a seaplane, do yourself a favour and add this (191 seaplane bases marked and inserted):

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Yes and might I add: there are some verrry impressive airports on flightsim.to that are at- or beyond payware level quality, but for free.

I’m currently flying around the region with the Pilot’s Life app on the Wideroe network, great fun.

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Defining “comfort flights” for me is using a glider these days. Find it so relaxing. Often too relaxing doing that before bed as I’m falling asleep already. Can be a bit stressful if there are no updrafts but then the mission is to land safe somewhere and go to real sleep haha.

Otherwise if I pick an actual weather preset for gliding and could fly forever, I pick a near airfield and land when I REALLY need to be getting myself to bed. No specific region I fly, can just search for “glider” in the world map and pick from there somewhere new.

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KOLV Olive Branch MS (home apt) to KTCL Tuscaloosa AL, “traveling for game day”.

Roll Tide!

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Agreed! Feel free to list your favourites on my Top Airports thread! :wink:

That ENBR is actually very nicely done!

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A small prop around the south coast of england, or following the length of the thames.