Wheels lockup not simulated?

Hi there,

After quite a lot of tests I was unable to lockup the wheels of the A320 whatever brake force or even surface I’m on.

Is there specific issues on some planes or is it just not simulated at all?


Don’t know if this is even possible in the MSFS version, but have you switched off the antiskid system before trying to lockup the wheels?

It was switched off indeed, and tested even on wet dirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Just had a quick test in the DR400 then with same result impossible to lock

Most users don’t have pedals with toe brakes, it is either brakes on or off. Nothing in between.
Hence for the majority it’s a good thing that they don’t lock up.

Well I don’t have toe brakes but like a lot of simmers you can always find an axis somewhere to brake.
So anyway I’m not sure that’s a correct argument if you’re not doing an arcade game :slight_smile:

So basically everyone confirms it’s just not simulated at all?

Really surprised actually :frowning:

Where and how do you “always find an axis”?
Don’t know what kind of joystick you are using, but mine has, like many others, ‘only’ four.
Don’t understand what this has to do with an arcade game.
MSFS is a flight simulator, not a driving simulator.

In a flight simulator sometimes you land :). And could be on wet or snow :slight_smile: Actually the A320 should just lock all wheels even on dry runway.

So just slamming the brakes and everything is fine does not fall in sim category imho. With a nicely simulated weather that’s a bit sad :frowning:

And you are using maximum braking when landing?
This usually doesn’t happen IRL.

AFAIR you can’t dispatch an A320 with an inoperative antiskid.
You can brake as hard as you want and the wheels won’t lock.

Well if you disable anti skid of course. But it’s even more a point on all small GA aircrafts that doesn’t have that askid system

Again, you never disable the antiskid.

On small GA aircraft you have the actual feedback about the braking action and you can feel when the tires start to slide.
This isn’t possible in any sim.

Doesn’t even work in Level-D sims where even tire failures are almost impossible to detect/feel.

Part of the sim is failure modes :slight_smile:

It’s been modeled for more than a decade in DCS so that’s why I’m surprised.

DCS is a really bad example. Just look at e.g. the F/A-18. Land it with antiskid on and off.
Zero difference in landing roll, despite the runway being full of black tire marks when the antiskid is off.
Apparently the antiskid simulation only partially works (you are loosing directional control easier with antiskid off)

Well losing direction is the main point and blowing tires then. As for rolling distance hard to know as a sliding should slip more but askid doesn’t have 100% efficiency either. Any way it’s there and I’d like to implement antiskid for the fs2020 a320 :). Apparently for now it’s not possible :confused:

The feature is for sure in the source code, since FSX also had a working antiskid simulation.
(which worked better than in DCS).