When are official liveries coming?

Does anyone know when (if) official liveries will be available ?


Yes I’m interested in this too. There is only one livery per plane so far, I thought there would be more at some point. Anyone know more about this? Will there be free repaints via the marketplace?

I guess due to licensing airline liveries will not be available by the default version. Check the search function to discover all community liveries. There are liveries for nearly all aircraft, that are good quality.

There are so many major problems with MSFS2020, that I hope the development does not waste time with creating liveries.



Yes I agree, I hope major issues are top priority, however liveries were teased before it’s release and expected to be delivered “out of the box”. But yes liveries does exist from 3rd party, but it’s still a pain in the a… to download, install etc.

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Yeah i guess liveries are not a priority right now… although im not sure the guy/girl who does liveries is also the guy/girl who does the programming and debugging… :stuck_out_tongue:

an easy way to add liveries shouldn’t be an impossibility though… given this whole “Profile” section in the sim where you can look at those beautiful birds in your hangar, some more options to personlize this bit should be in the pipeline…

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Anyone noticed that the resolution of some liveries can be improved? For instance, the Delta logo for the Neo appears blurry and pixelated at a close distance.

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Could have sworn they talked about working on getting official liveries in one of the pre-release videos / podcasts. Might just take some time.

And while there are certainly a lot of issues, I think the workload of the programmer team vs. the art team should be separate.

There is a freeware Megapack V8 that has 323 liveries across 15 aircraft.

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Someone on this thread:

said, “According to the Aug 13th Q&A, they contacted all airlines and are in the process of licensing the liveries. Some airlines allowed it but some might take more time.”

I don’t feel like listening to the hour-long Q&A, but here it is, if you guys are interested:

(There’s a table of contents in the description, but I don’t see anything that looks like it would be related to liveries.)