When are the AI aircraft lights going to get fixed?

This has got to be a low hanging fruit for the dev team and has been a sore thumb since launch. Even if 20-30NM away, these planes are lit up like Christmas trees. Unless we want to continue on neglecting AI and not do anything about it?

After a 2 year wait, my bet is on never.


Agreed, aircraft light visibility at daytime is obscene to anyone who’s ever even seen an aircraft with their own eyes; I would even remark that I’d have to be within half a mile of the aircraft IRL to even be able to distinguish their nav lights visually in the daytime, and even then it’s not easy to see unless you’re intentionally trying to look at it. In MSFS, you can see Nav Lights in broad daylight way too easily from too far away (and the light takes up an entire group of pixels)

I think this talks to the fact that point-light sources in MSFS are bugged at long distances. It’s a shame with the compression on the forums that they aren’t as visible as I’d like them to be, but…they’re painfully bright at a ridiculous distance for no reason.


This applies to multiplayer aircraft too and the aircraft lights of others seem to be very bright as well, regardless of cloud thickness - more dynamic lights would add realism.

I don’t think there have been any updates about this since release.

Maybe add / make this topic a wish list?

This is probably another small visual item though that will likely not see priority… but it’s the little things that you notice on every flight … and how close or far an aircraft appears is important to navigating.