When can smaller scale designers sell their scenery / designs etc on the Marketplace?

I am referring to individual designers who are not part of the larger dseign studios such as Orbx, or Drziewicki , Carenado etc.

I would really like to sell some of my designs on the Market place, such as airports/ aircrafts/ utilities, even if for a small price. At least that will be fair for those who spend hours of their time improving and enhancing FS2020.

Does anyone know if this will become a possibity at some point ?

I had applied to the Microsoft Partner program ages ago but it still shows as ‘pending’ even though it has been several months now.

I believe at www.avsim.com one can sell their products and avsim keeps a small percentage of it. Would love that to be possible on the MSFS Marketplace.

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Hi there.

Have you applied to be an official partner? https://www.flightsimulator.com/partner-program/

Yes, ages ago, but still shows up as ‘pending’

Okay. As I am not involved in the marketplace partnership program I don’t have any more information.

I have asked the community team to see if we could get a dev blog explaining the marketplace partnership program, from applying to join, to deploying updates. I will bring this up again at our next team meeting to see if they can make something happen.

In the meantime, when you applied were you given a contact email, or is one listed on your application page? If so you could send an email to see if you can get an update on the status of your application.

Alternatively, you could try submitting a support ticket through Zendesk: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000877760

Either way, the team is likely still on holiday, or just getting back from their holidays, so you may not hear anything for a few days.

As one final suggestion, we will be having another Dev Q and A near the end of the month, I would love to see a question about this in the Q and A, so please feel free to post a question when we open a category for the next batch of questions.

Best of luck with your application, I am looking forward to seeing content from smaller groups on the market place.

Hi do you make airports for Seattle or UK?

Unfortunately barely anyone get a response from that. I know many who are waiting.
I applied 3 months ago to sell my seasons and it’s still pending.
A simple no thank you would suffice.

i just got a positive reply ! Unfortunately i was tired of waiting and put all my stuff up as freeware! Ive gotta get moving now and work on some new project. Hope yours comes through soon, too

How did you get? I’ve also been waiting a long time.