When can we expect an overhaul of the crosswind component simulation?

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While stationary, the aircraft does not experience any crosswind component. As you begin the take-off roll, the crosswind component gradually builds to full strength at or around the rotation speed for most small GA aircraft. This causes a lurch if you are not ready for it. This is easily observed in dev. mode.

Crosswind should be constant, other than gusts, whether the aircraft is moving or not.

Great question. Got my vote. This is a serious problem in MSFS 2020 right now that I’ve witnessed so many times in so may different platforms. There are various examples of this in JustFlight’s Piper Arrow / Turbo Arrow forum alone, and their plane is notorious for this. What’s a bit problematic here is that it doesn’t happen to everyone so it’s a bit hard to reproduce.

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I think it does happen to everyone, they just don’t recognise it for what it is. I didn’t fully understand it either until I followed that thread by @Alec246 I knew it was happening, I just didn’t know why. Dev. mode makes this obvious.

For some reason the Arrow is affected by this so much more than any other plane I fly, but they will all feel an increasing weathervane effect as speed builds even if you don’t increase throttle during take off roll.


It’s really noticeable in tail draggers and I would really like it to be fixed!


I fly the just flight turbo arrow mostly, and the “lurch” is so predictable that I’ve learned to rotate early to avoid it. Not a good habit irl, but necessary in the sim.

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No, we are flying the sim rather than the plane as it were. :wink:


This is a really good point and something I would love to see fixed.

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Right, I’ve seen a Youtube video of someone doing touch and goes and he was almost thrown over after lifting off again. :smiley:

Here it is:


The windsock didn’t show much activity there, and they didn’t have the 530 mod installed so its difficult to tell the conditions were like, so I would guess they were using Clear Skies with the default 2-3kts of wind.

Have a look at this video. I configured the winds to give a steady 10kts from the left, some tests with gusts as noted. Keep a close eye on the data readout at the top left, specifically the “Cross wind” readout. This clearly shows what is going on.


That’s the reason why I stopped flying this beautiful bird on MFS2020 which kills the immersion unfortunately but keep flying her on XP by waiting for further updates…

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