When can we finally expect a working flight director?

The lateral flight director bar still isn’t working on any aircraft with autopilot OFF. It keeps commanding wings level no matter the active lateral mode.

Please vote this on up to raise awareness… I’m curious why this still hasn’t been fixed, or maybe it is a design decision to leave it out?

More info:

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Please vote this one up guys, maybe we can finally bring this one to Asobo’s attention.


Happy to vote on any of your requests. You have many pertinent and well researched issues that deserve attention.


Definitely voted up. This and many other issues you have been bringing up are totally worthy of votes and attention.

“Of all the aircraft I’ve tested so far only the Airbus A320 seems to be unaffected but that might be due to the A32X mod.” <<< I think so too, because Working Title CJ4’s flight director is also unaffected, and works with AP off.


I would be happy if this one finally gets fixed :smiley:. I have always learned to either use the flight director or take it away completely. With this bug (or design decision I don’t know) the flight director is useless for hand flying…


The flight director lateral bar is guiding you onto the FMS flight plan? Not in my case, the lateral flight director bar keeps commanding wings level no matter the active mode. The Airbus seems to work, as does the CJ4 with the working title mod, all the others don’t.

Nope. Doesn’t work for me either. Also PIT mode doesn’t seem to capture selected altitude and keeps climbing to infinity. Not correct. Both modded and non-modded.

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Still doesn’t work for me, just tested on both the TBM and C172 G1000:

It doesn’t work in MSFS with heading mode, NAV / GPS / LOC / BC whatever. Not a single lateral mode works when autopilot is OFF. The flight director keeps commanding wings level. And yes the flight director is supposed to work in heading mode, basically everything that works with autopilot on should work with autopilot off. The autopilot basically follows the flight director just like you would when flying manually, the working of the flight director is no different no matter if the autopilot is ON or OFF.

:point_up_2: this.

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Updated on other Article I was wrong :slight_smile: and upvoted.

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Please vote this one up, it would be nice to finally bring this to the attention of the developers!

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Another annoying bug is the vertical speed mode logic, when selected it does not activate using the present vertical speed but rather the last used vertical speed. The logic should be similar to the FLCH function. It activates using the speed at the time FLCH was pressed and this can then be adjusted using the thumbwheel or nose up / down buttons.


Oh yeah, that one is really bad as well. If that was used in an actual airplane, a lot of sick sacks would be utilized.

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Jup, doesn’t make sense. When trying to follow Eurocontrol recommendation of max. 2000 ft/min 2000 ft to go and 1000 ft/min when 1000 ft from level-off (or ICAO 1500 ft/min, 1500 ft from level-off) you need the vertical speed mode a lot, especially with the MSFS ATC system not able to anticipate and issue further climb / descent clearance before level-off…

We can use some more votes guys🙏

Another two examples of my assumption that this feature has simply not been added to any default MSFS aircraft, but can be added to a third party aircraft if their developers desire to do so:

  1. Working Title CJ4

  2. The upcoming Aerosoft CRJ:


Most likely with sim update 3. It says Garmin G3000/1000 autopilot issues will be taken care of then on the roadmap. When they do that they will probably also fix the flight director.

I hope… :pray:

Technically it has nothing to do with the autopilot but maybe…