When do you plan to fix the correct CPU and GPU load?

the problem of limited by main thread is still present

stressing a single CPU core and affecting the wrong workloads to the GPU

since it does not use all the necessary workload of both CPU and GPU, significantly reducing performance due to this

As soon as they use an API able to do so. Do a search there’s like a billion threads on this, DX11 cant do better, wait for DX12 and that’s it.

Si llevo meses viendo hilos pero no cualquier solución, pensé que alguien tendría una solución o si se planea algo para solucionarlo ya que no consigue todo el rendimiento del hardware

Thank you

La falla est√° en la API actual que ejecuta MSFS, no puede hacerlo mejor o arreglarse, esperar a que se reemplace y esperar que ayude es todo lo que podemos hacer.


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Thank you so much!!

Since when is DX12 out? Asking for a friend…

Tell your friend that it’s planed along with the xbox verison. Hopefully in July.

Great! He’ll be delighted!