When does night start?

is there a certain time that the game assumes it is night or does it depend on the real day-night cycle?
my night or day flight log is recorded based on what?

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Good question. In real life aeronautical night is 30 mins after sunset to 30 mins before sunrise.

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Not really sure if the Sim can do this. Maybe test by comparing the Sim to this site for France


Seems to match real world local conditions. Note the difference in GMT to localtime however. If your timezone is GMT-6 and GMT is 2200 then it is 1600 localtime.

as far as I have noticed it’s based on what REDDRUM1 said. They do not apply the real life rule that sthackrey said, it’s based on your local sunset/sunrise time flying zone. I can test it out to make sure when I get home in my area as it is a triple country border with different time zones.

You can set the simulator to “Live” and it’ll use real-world time. Or, you can pick a specific time and fly that.