When going from VR to monitor

Brief description of the issue: When going from VR to monitor during a flight the navigation goes back one way point so the aircraft turns back.

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Me too

Hi @CerfTable317887 welcome to these forums. For bugs and issues you have to click the Vote button, Microsoft then list the top issues in the weekly Development Updates and discuss then in the Q&A streams, so definately worth voting :wink:

Same here, while in AP, each time I switch back from monitor to VR it fly back to the previous point. Really weird, I need to do a « direct to » to the initial point to correct it. It’s happening at least with fbw a32nx current stable version. I guess it’s doing it with all planes in AP mode.

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In the latest update, on the XCub after entering the flightplan manually in full screen mode, when I switch to VR all of the waypoints are forgotten. Annoying as it is easier to operate the avionics in fullscreen.

Not only this. When I fly an approach via AP on the MFD, switch from monitor to VR, I loose the complete approach path on the MFD

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