When In the Cockpit and Seat is Moved Completely Aft Correct Magnification?

What I am trying to ask; in the cockpit I can move (zoom) the seat forward and backward. When I move forward it magnifies the instrument panel (is why I do it) but also magnifies the view outside the cockpit. So I am wondering where the correct magnification, in other words no magnification, is. I assume all the way aft is zero magnification.
I hope this is clear.

The scroll wheel doesn’t change seat position or magnification. What you’re doing by using the scroll wheel is changing the field-of-view (FOV). All the way zoomed out is like using a fisheye lens. What is ‘correct’ depends on a lot of factors, but mainly the size of your screen, and the distance your eyes are from the screen. So there is no simple answer.

If you want to change your seating position (so actually move the viewpoint around without changing the field of view), you can set keybindings for that as well (I think they’re called ‘translate view forward/backward/left/right/up/down’).

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Okay. Thanks.