When is DX12 Fix sheduled?

I heard they are working on it, but what’s the date for the fix?

Its not a fix as such, more of a phased implementation. DX12 is supported in a limited way now, but other features will be added with SU during the year.


There are supposed to be some improvement in SU10, but I doubt it will be the final implementation. Part of me wishes they would swallow their pride, and at least look at Vulkan as an option.

I have a number of games where DX12 & Vulkan are options, and Vulkan tends to be the better performer.


I tested DX12 in Sim lately and CPU/GPU use was at about 40% with Ultra settings with fairly good FPS but stuttering.

DX11 consumes about 70% CPU/GPU with Ultra settings with better FPS and no stuttering.

I bet that DX11 is bad for the PC hardware lifetime.
They should focus much more on improvement of DX12 or my PC will be broken soon


Vulkan has always out-performed DX12 in my experience too.

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried DXVK with MSFS? It’s a DX11 to Vulkan wrapper. Essentially, if you have a game that is underperforming, you can drop in some custom libraries that will get the game to run with Vulkan even if it isn’t natively supported.

One example given over doubled the framerate, if some of the docs are to be believed. But this will vary from title to title, and some may simply crash on startup so YMMV.

I just tried it with one game, and didn’t notice any huge improvement. It loaded okay, but perhaps something more that a 2D space sim might let it stretch its legs. :wink:

I haven’t tried it but your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to test thoroughly and report back!



I can’t write files into the WindowsApps folder as its write protected. Dare I undo this though? Hmmm. I’ve tried it with three games so far, and all have worked. Though I have seen no real improvement, possibly because they were all running pretty flat out already, and are not that demanding.

It looks like it is protected in other ways as well. I cannot copy anything in as it reports it has no space. If I had the Steam version I expect this would be straight forward. You only need to copy 6 Dlls into the same folder as the executable. In reality, probably only two as we already know which version of DX is in use, so that would be:


When executed two log files are created, one for each of those Dlls, where it gives a break down of what worked, and what didn’t, as far as API calls being intercepted. It’s really quite clever, and reminds me somewhat of the early days of 3D accelerators. I had a 3Dfx card, and the first time I saw the accelerated version of Tomb Raider was unforgettable.

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Psssssst danger Will Robinson … Vulcan is not Microsoft danger danger. I mean comon if it ran better under vulcan then it does directx what does that say about directx???

The funny thing is that it runs pretty good under Linux granted I have things set to high and not Ultra. and you have to figure thats pretty good, since it not only is using proton to mimic windows, but vulcan to interepret the directx stuff…

Would be nice if they would make a Linux release since MS seems so keen to get into the Linux market.

Hi there,
The latest feedback snapshot says the following regarding DirectX 12:

Stability, memory allocation and overall optimization improvements are ongoing.

It then says, “SU10+”, indicating that there will be changes in Sim Update 10 and subsequent sim updates after that.

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It’s unlikely Vulkan will be implemented as it’s the opponent of DirectX which is owned and developed by Microsoft.


Yes, in the same way that Betamax lost out to VHS. :wink:

Probably best to reserve final judgement when we are SU10+.

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DX12 is already implemented (but cannot be used because the PMDG Cloudmaster is crashing immediately to the desktop after loading the VC. Or at least this happened ~3 months ago, maybe it´s patched already.)

But raytracing would be an absolute exciting feature making whole new cloud illumination and self-shadowing and better cockpit illumination possible :wink:

Yes, that’s true because of the way Vulkan works.

nuff said:

DirectX tends to wait for all data to be loaded and in place, then the data is sent to the graphic pipelines to be processed. This delivers a good quality but if the process takes too long it is put on halt - that means that the screen will freeze until everything was collected.

Vulkan does not wait in this case and just processes whatever is there, so if not everything was loaded there may be washed out textures on the ground or on buildings - or even textures missing. They will be provided whenever they can be loaded but the game won’t freeze :wink: that keeps overall FPS steady. Downside is that you may end up in an empty world when there is too much load BUT with 60FPS :wink:


DX12 and DLSS are gonna be HUGE if they work right the Frames and performance are gonna be awesome.

I agree but if you’re one of the ones that DX12 causes bad stuttering then I don’t think DLSS is going to help much, unless Asobo solves the stuttering problems with SU10 too.

Tbh that’s not guaranteed. DLSS will help only if you are limited by the GPU, DX12 might help a bit overall but not that much if most of the simulation is still done by one thread.

The overall improvement on performance guessed by Sebastian from Asobo was 10% to 20%, so if you are now at 20fps in dense areas you may get 22fps to 24fps as a result by using DX12…

DLSS will help if you are GPU bound, DX12 may help if you are CPU bound. Together, even only a 5-10% performance improvement for each would be huge.


DLSS will help any RTX card. RDR2 is a very demanding game .I went from 40 to 55fps just by setting DLSS alone to quality with occasional drops to 50fps in the city area of the game.
if its done right the boost could be significant. I will take that extra 10-15fps if the boost if its done well!

There are probably many RTX users who are CPU limited. DLSS won’t help in that case.