When is DX12 Fix sheduled?

RDR2? RDR2 is not CPU heavy, it’s GPU heavy, not as complex as a flight simulator doing complex CPU based calculations. RDR2 has a really limited scope which is the point I made :wink:

Same story goes to CP2077, for me it’s unplayable on 4k with raytracing cause my computer is limited by GPU. Turning on DLSS gives me 40FPS on the same settings but again - that is just because my graphics card runs out of power otherwise.

DLSS lets the game render in a smaller resolution and uses an intelligent upscaling algorithm to go back to full scale resolution which decreases load on this end but on MSFS most people are CPU limited as the main thread maxes out one thread - on this end nothing will change with DLSS as that has not much to do with the rendering process itself.

Oh, btw. the main goal of DLSS to make better use of raytracing is anyway currently obsolete as MSFS doesn’t even utilize any RT technology by now.

I don’t say we may not see any benefit from DLSS but I really doubt it will be that much for most users (in my personal case I am GPU limited, so it will boost performance but RTX 3080 users being stuck on 20fps won’t help that much…)

Dc6 Cloudmaster updated i have it running on pc installed after wu9 in dx12 otherwise it is usable in dev mode with nano something under dev mode options
By the way dx12 use lot more vram on my machine, used before wu 9 8gb vram on ultra and 4k
After wu 9 it uses over 12gb vram same settings so im quite positif on dx 12

You are saying DX12 uses a lot more VRAM. I don’t see that as a good thing, by itself, without talking about performance. Memory leaks?

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Or better usage of available memory. No way to know without debugging the executable in exquisite detail. :wink:

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Better usage of available memory should lead to a noticeable performance increase. No debugging required :wink:

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One hopes. :wink: Good luck all!

(I get the stutters on my RTX 2070S with DX12, but between stutters it’s nice. Looking forward to later improvements…)

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I believe the stutters many people experience with DX12 are due to some sort of memory management issue. I hope they can fix that for SU10.

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Same. I have a 2080. DX12 beta stutters worse than Ozzy Osbourne on Quaaludes. But in those brief 2-3 second intervals when fps is steady, it’s faster than DX11 and I get no performance penalty for using popout windows of my instruments.

DLSS is going to be a bit of a mixed bag, I think. The problem is, I’d wager that most folks who are using a GPU that supports DLSS aren’t GPU bound to begin with, but rather CPU limited. The folks who would most benefit from an uplift to GPU performance are those using older GPUs that don’t support DLSS to begin with. For those folks, FSR will likely be a nice performance improvement when it rolls out.

That’s not to say there’s no benefit to DLSS. I do welcome its addition. Being able to upsample graphics should bring a nice boost in graphics quality. But it won’t bring the performance improvements that the majority of folks that have been screaming about DLSS for the past 2 years think it will bring.


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Yeah but i upscale also from 4k on secondary scale and or renderscale up to 6k

You owe me a beer good sir as I just spit mine out laughing :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’ve been “working hard” on many many things since launch :joy:

You can install the sim in another folder location. i.e D:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator
< edited > the folder/files are open for editing (except FlightSImulator.exe)

Anyway, it wont run with the Vulkan dll’s

XBoxGames is NOT mandatory.

I have it loaded at D:\MSFS2020 on my system, with D:\MSFS2020\Community, and D:\MSFS2020\Onestore… (or whatever it is, I’m not at my MSFS computer currently) inside it.

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Ah nice, maybe that was changed. Couldn’t select a foldername when it was in preview.

I’ve been loading it there since August 2020, a couple of weeks after release. This is the Store version I’m talking about, not Steam.

No idea, all I know is that it was bound to Windowsapps folder before. But it was more about the folder not accessable though. Most files are unlocked from system now (except FlighSimulator.exe) which is still locked.

That’s right. The first time I installed, I used the default path which is inside the Windowsapps folder, which is locked down. So I uninstalled, and reinstalled, and I went through an option or two, and installed it to D:\MSFS2020 (you can use any directory name), and everything has gone swimmingly since.

Its Microsoft… Vulkan wont happen. Microsoft will always and only use their API

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