When is it expected to have a solution to the major bug affecting offline traffic, that is random livery choice?

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[ ] Dev Q&A Part 1 - World Update
[X ] Dev Q&A Part 2 - Sim Update 5

**My question: Since update offline AI traffic is messed up again. Based on what I have noticed, the sim reads correctly the bgl, so flightplan is correct and aircraft model is correct…but livery is absolutely random! I kindly ask you to urgently solve the problem or at least explain the new logic (if there is any) and what is needed to make the sim choose the right livery again. Thanks

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I agree, Even though it still keeps a matching livery with the matching ICAO airline code. The current problem is that if there’s no matching ICAO code, it seems to be taking from a random livery. It should be taking from the default livery that there’s no ICAO code being set.

Are you sure? Offline traffic?
It does never match livery in my case (before it worked perfectly!)

Ohh that, I dunno… I only fly with Live Traffic. And Live Traffic still has matching livery provided I have the livery in my collection. But the random livery comes when the Live traffic is with an ICAO airline code that I don’t have the livery. Which before Sim Update 3, the non-matching Live Traffic livery would take from the Generic airline livery which I have already set to the 3 major alliances livery. But now it’s taking from a random livery in my collection, which I really dislike.

Suffering from this same issue, please Asobo, could you look into to this as soon as possible as this is the only way some of us can get better traffic volume in our simulations.

Hi @NonstopAlpaca46 (or anyone seeing this), is there a bug report for this? I would like to add a link to the bug report in the first post so that the developers have context.

This is one such topic, I think there are more about the same issue.

It’s also false that this only started in WU4, this happened to me since the launch of the game and reported it on the zendesk back then.

edit: I just checked, my zendesk report dates back to October 21st.