When is the actual release of the new SDK build

Does anyone know or is there info that says when the actual next sdk build is out.

Don’t understand why we cant have it on the development roadmap to say when a new SDK build will be released. Yesterday latest build available was the 0.14.1 one.

You always have the latest build. The MSFS program itself is the compiler.

Not quite sure what you mean bioshock. The new SDK - Version is available now to download in the sim. Exciting stuff. (and the Download button works now in dev mode when you click on ‘SDK update available’)


Thanks for letting me know it’s now released.

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No worries mate.

Seems like quite a solid build as well with lots of gripes successfully addressed.

Dive in.

What I mean is there is no project compiler in the SDK.

rhumbaflappy posted this script on fsdeveloper. It is literally the FlightSimulator program that is the compiler. And as FlightSimulator is updated separately from the SDK you are always using the latest compiler. By passing the BuildAssetPackages switch to FlightSimulator it compiles your project instead of running FS2020.

D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator -I ";" BuildAssetPackages "D:\MSFS_Projects\LakeLawnAirport\AirportProject.xml" "D:\MSFS_Projects\LakeLawnAirport" "D:\MSFS_Projects\LakeLawnAirport"

There is a reason that fspackagetool is only 67kb in size. It is because it does nothing more than call FlightSimulator.

But, the good news is SDK 15 fixes the .chm documentation.

Yeah, but the OP was asking about the SDK.
Anyway, he’s got his answer so he’s happy.

The new SDK fixes quite a lot of stuff - I’m really happy - had it going for the full 8 hours today jumping in and out of projects, etc and not a single CTD. Seems to e a very robust build.

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Yeah the new ability to add a fuel spot and not having to use the generated 3d objects is nice to have just in time for the airport I’m close to finishing.

Still getting the issue of random objects going invisible when loading in the project occasionally.
Also now seeing the runway options showing each runway number twice in the list on the World map.

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Yeah, OP wasn’t exactly clear on what he needed. But it’s all water under the bridge now as the new SDK is out.

The Visual Effects editor though, now that’s a different story in bugginess and CTDs. Cloning an effect doesn’t copy the layout so all the modules appear on top of each other.

The Effects editor wouldn’t load my old effects without CTD so I am having to rebuild them. It seems I need to create the effects, save it all and recompile and then maybe I can edit them without a CTD. I’m still not sure what the triggers are for the CTDs so it’s save often and hope for the best.