When is the Hotfix to repair WU5 and Wu6 problems?

Can anybody tell me when the next Hotfix will be?
If nobody knows, can somebody tell me how to get my $120 back?


Information on refunds is here -



Thank you very much

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In order to install WU5 I had to do a total uninstall and remount of MSFS and it looks like I am going to have to do it again to install WU6.
This is getting to be an oversized pain in the ■■■, I know that I am not alone in this and I am sure that the MSFS2020 team can do better.
It is not my internet connection that is causing the problem, it is 2020.
To me this should be job 1. What good are all of the improvements if they cannot be downloaded and installed?

Thanks. I had a read.
However, I didn’t see any mention of the “no lights on aircraft traffic” bug.
I do hope this is included in the "…and a few more items" !

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I hope they fix live traffic

I am in the process of reinstalling now…a real PITA…… and hopefully will bring back some enjoyment of this game.

I bought this defective product through Amazon.com and they don’t refund digital games so if they don’t fix what they broke swhen the Xbox version was released, I’m screwed.

I’ll be brutally honest - you’re doing something horridly wrong here as I’ve never had to do this and nor, I suspect, have most people here.

What was the specific problem that meant you had to do this?

Up until the Xbox integration I had no problems whatsoever with this flight simulator. I don’t have the graphic problems I have been reading about. I have problems with ATC telling me to climb to the altitude that I am currently at. I have a problem with the copilot requesting IFR clearance when I’m already flying IFR. I have a problem with Live weather not working correctly. I have a problem with addons causing problems because the silulator core is changed so often that 3rd party developers don’t have to to fix thier products. I have a problem with reading how different areas of the world will look prettier but not when the core problems will be fixed.
I’m sorry if I sound a little disagreeable or horrid as you put it. I’m trying rto make it sound like I’m ■■■■■■ off.

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