When it works, it works!

Today, after some CTD fixing (a restart and some setting fiddling did the trick), I finally imported a flight plan, programmed the FMC with proper SID/STAR departures and approaches, and the autopilot managed all my speed and headings for the flight. No crashes mid flight, and the ILS captured perfectly. Went down on the glideslope, landed at JFK without a hitch. The entire time, live weather showed me some gorgeous ultra clouds and glittering water.

When the sim works (I will admit it’s a hit or miss atm), it’s really an incredible and truly realistic piece of software.
Props to the devs, and I hope all bugs that prevent anyone from enjoying the sim’s true potential are ironed out as soon as possible.


Someone on Reddit was saying the same thing, that when you use the in-sim flight planner, problems start to appear. and it works better when you use the method you used. I understand that making a simulator of this scale is extremely complex, and hence from the very get-go I went in expecting a few odd behaviours here and there. PMDG’s aircraft were developed when…more than a decade ago? Yet they still have bugs every now and then. We have to come to terms with the fact that nothing in life is perfect, and some bugs - while they will eventually get fixed - might take some time to be fixed than others.

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Could not have said it better

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What program did you use to create the plan and how did you import it into the sim? Thanks. Dennis


You can use simbrief which is prob the best fee online flight planning software.

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