When Landing Aircraft has a mind of its own

I am having issues with the NEO 320 ever time I land and I go to taxi the aircraft what’s to fight me. If I turn left it wants to go right and when I go right after I let go of my joystick the aircraft has wants to continue go in circles like the landing gear is stuck to the right and the rudder on the back of the aircraft is going back and forth like the wind is blowing it but I don’t have any wind …need help is to why this is going on. So yes taxing is nuts. I am only using the thrust master t 1600 no foot ruddes just joystick.

Auto rudder switched on?

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I was also experiencing this i did a thread on it

1- check auto rudder is off
2- turn assisted landing off
3- which fixed this for me was i was only experiencing this issue when flying GPS (direct) I changed to fly low altitude Airways and haven’t experienced this issue since

Hope this helps

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Ok so yeah I think I accidentally deleted two missing component I try flight control section it was at the very bottom and had checked boxes next to them i unchecked all three of them and now they have disappear and my aircraft with pulling my joystick back for take off won’t take off the runway it’s like I have no control of the aircraft I can’t go right or left when I use my joystick the aircraft just goes straight and I have no control…

Turn off assisted take off also

  1. Set your Assistance Options to everything Hard/True to Life as a starting point.
  2. Make sure your autopilot is completely disengage upon landing.
  3. Check all your control bindings, make sure you don’t have multiple hardware bound to the rudder.
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