When loading a flight plan, how can you start cold/dark?

I fly a lot of OnAir Company flights where I create my flight plans using Navigraph. I then save those flight plans as a pln file and load them into the sim. The issue I’m having is that when you load a flight plan in this way, it starts you on the runway. I don’t want to start on the runway, I want to start cold/dark on a parking spot. If I don’t start cold/dark, OnAir Company docks me some of my gains, plus I’d rather start cold/dark in the first place. Once the flight plan is loaded in the sim, if I change the departure to a parking space, the rest of the flight plan changes. Let me know if there is a workaround for this. Example screenshots below.

Original Flight Plan

Flight Plan after Changing to Parking Departure

I have to pick a parking space from the drop-down menu (instead of World Map) to avoid the annoying flight plan changes. This works for plans imported from LNM and Navigraph, dunno about OnAir since I’m not a subscriber but give it a try.


I load the dot pln file from the aircraft page, and then go to the dropdown menu as @CaptClarence125 suggests. It seems to work for me every time I’ve tried it.

I use Little Navmap to create my flight plan and export it to the directory that Flight Sim points to called Missions. Little Navmap knows right where to save the file…

Check out this thread if you’re interested in learning more about Little Navmap… it’s great fun!

Wow, so it could be as simple as choosing it from the dropdown instead of clicking on the map? That’s crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m in the middle of a long flight, but will test this and mark as solution as soon as I’m able. Thanks for the responses.

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I can confirm that selecting parking from the dropdown does indeed work without changing your entire flight plan. I would still of course like to have the option to either click the spot on the map or select from the dropdown with the same effect, but this works for now.


There is also a dropdown right in Little Navmap that lets you select starting position. Curiously, I have not been able to get Flight Sim to “see” that selection, and have to manually set my start point in the loading screen. Minor thing really… the functionality of LNM is really, really good.

I’m the same. Parking from drop down menu.

Procedures through the GPS/FMS.

My workflow is:

NaviGraph Charts > Pilot2ATC > MSFS

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This is a excessively annoying problem that should not even be a thing. You should be able to pick a spot without having to use the drop down menu. And picking a parking spot on the map should not change your flight plan. This is one of my biggest problems with the sim at the moment. Having to setup my sids and stars all over again. Also I find it very annoying when you pick a gate for your destination airport you are never assigned that gate.

I agree. There should be 3 dropdowns instead of 2. You would choose Parking, Runway, & Departure at the origin and Arrival, Runway, Parking at destination. Combining the parking with runways is just ridiculous to begin with. For those that want to start at the runway, that option could be available too.

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According to the LNM developer (on the Avsim support forums), Flight Simulator does not recognize parking spots in flight plans. I think this is true since if you save a flight plan from inside of Flight Simulator with a parking spot, then reload the plan, it does not remember your parking spot.

Add Simbrief to it and that’s mine.