When starting MSFS, my connection drops from 750Mb to 8 Mb

I have a 750 Mbit connection. When i start MSFS, it immediately drops to 8Mbit. When i stop MSFS, i immediately have my full bandwidth back. (tested with SpeedTest)
I’ve checked all settings and restarted my router several times, but no joy. SU15 took me 9 hrs for downloading, and i have constant ‘bandwidth too low for PG’ warnings. Obviously this is unplayable.
Does someone have an idea what’s going on?

I know you are not the only one that has brought this up on the forum. I also do not know what is causing it, but one workaround was to take focus off of MSFS (like another program/app or simply click on the Windows Start menu to take focus away from MSFS.

Thanks for replying. I’ve tried that but unfortunately that doesn’t help.
Edit: I’ve also tried different servers, but that doesn’t help either.

I saw a post about downthrottling connections by ISP’s for specific apps, like MSFS. But VPN doesn’t make a difference (Norton). It’s even slower (4-6 Mb/s). So my provider doesn’t seem to be the problem either. It’s just MSFS that’s causing these issues, no matter what server or VPN i use.
I’ll file a bug report, and can only hope Zendesk is helpful this time.

Solved: Lenovo Vantage has a Network Boost setting. It does exactly the opposite of what it says. Lenovo is aware for years, but still no action and no warnings.
Others (like HP) have similar options in their support-apps, so it’s good to have a look at them, if you’re having similar issue as me.

I’m still having the same issue but don’t have a Lenovo or Lenovo vantage.

My laptop is a Gigabyte A9 and I can’t see any obvious support apps that could be interfering. Don’t suppose you have any further suggestions do you?



I’m afraid i don’t have one. In my situation it is an option, that activates when a game starts. So it was a very specific bug, in an app i never use and wasn’t aware of.
Maybe do a search on Google, that includes your hardware, and network-software. That is what pointed me (eventually) towards a post that solved it. I had to do several searches before i found a relevant one. Try to do that first, before messing with your installation, like i did.
What helped me hugely during testing, was/is the app SpeedTest (by Ookla)
Disable FSUIPC/WASM etc.
Try a VPN, to check if it has to do with your provider.
Try a different DNS
Run a different game than MSFS to see if it’s related to starting a game. Or if it’s MSFS-specific.
And keep the community folder empty during testing. That saves huge start-up times.
That’s all i can think of.

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