When to leave the public beta?

Tonight the public beta will become available to everyone and we are suggested to leave the beta before January 13th. What is the best practice here? Wait until the public beta is live, then leave and update?

Or leave it now? Will there be a rollback then and an update again this evening?


I guess we will get new info on the beta and a possible hotfix, as well as SU8 today in the dev update. So most of what can currently come in answer to your question will be speculation. I will stick to the beta for now.

Thanks for the reply, but my intention is to leave the beta for now (as suggested by Asobo) and don’t want too much hassle returning to the public version.

Well I understand what you mean. Nevertheless I prefer to wait for the dev update and new information before I do anything. Who knows whst they cooked up over the last weeks :grinning:

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Well let’s hope they used some nice spicy sauces to add flavour and heat, and kick-start the sim juices again!


In the past (and this time also) I don’t leave the beta until the release goes live.

On leaving the beta the MS Store will download the current “live” version for MSFS. For that reason I tend to remain in the beta programme in Insider Hub until the release, so as the data contained in the Official/OneStore folder is in sync with the version I intend to run… if any of this helps.

Note: In the past, as part of installing the live release MS Store version, the MS Store has been known to “uninstall” the current beta version. If the downloaded content is stored in the default
location then this has been known to get wiped.

For this reason it has been recommended to ensure that, unless one wants to download everything again, the installation path for the downloaded content is set to a custom path, as this will be left intact.

More information on how to do this here:


Is there an update happening today?

Beta is transferring to the stable one.

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Thank you Vincent!

Well, I’ve left the beta but don’t intend starting the sim up until after the update is released to all. That may or may not prove to be a mistake


Alternatively if drive space is not an issue move the official folder, and your community folder elsewhere, when the promt to download load entire sim again, start until its about 1gb (for folder structure) then copy your backed up ones in, then leaves a small download

That’s what I’m doing. Hopefully, as the version number of the public release is the same as that of the current beta, the file check will reveal nothing of great note is different and the update will be minimal or even nothing.

FYI - if you cannot leave beta

try my solution

Press “start” and select settings

Select system

Scroll down to the bottom and select “about”

Scroll down and click advanced system settings


Select advanced tab and under performance click settings

Select visual effects tab and check box below “custom”
x Animate controls and elements inside window

Click Apply > Ok

Run xbox insider hub app and leave preview.

Source https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cannot-install-wu5-minimum-game-version-required-is-1-16-2/410373/66

Thanks for posting this. I’ve tried to leave the Beta just now and it’s not working in the Xbox insider app…it says “pending” next to the status even though I’ve used the Beta since 12/6. Typical MS where the instructions don’t quite match what happens in reality with the Xbox app or MS Store. Both of those things seem to have bugs and user experience that isn’t quite like what the instructions say. I’ll see what happens later today when the Beta goes live. Worst case I can delete the sim files via uninstall and reinstall from scratch.

With FS2020 originating from the MS Store, what is the correct way of leaving Beta?

Just got a mandatory update of about 450kb. Installed perfectly and version number stayed the same at 1.21.18. Didn’t leave the beta.

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They posted instructions for how to do it in the Beta section of the Forum. If you bought on the Store originally, you are supposed to use the Xbox Insider app that you used to get the Beta to leave the Beta. I tried that and it’s not working as of a few minutes ago. If you used Steam there were other instructions posted. I’ll keep trying and post back if I can leave successfully and not have to manually uninstall the sim files myself later today.

Here’s how to leave the Beta if it works…

IF one does NOT leave the beta, when the new Update is launched, will one remain on the beta for ever , until one takes action to leave the beta
At some time, will system FORCE an update / re-install to the latest release version >

Thank you for the feedback. I read these instructions earlier and although they describe the process for Xbox and Steam users precisely, the post does not provide the same detail for MS Store installations. Instead the post simply says “leave the flight”. But how do you do this? I guess there’s an option in the Xbox insider app?