When to press LOC & APP button on CS 777-300er?

When should I press loc and app button on cs 777-300er?

On any airplane, select app shortly before you are about to intercept the ILS.
You don’t need to press loc - unless the runway is designated loc only.

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how do I know that I’m about to inctercept ils?

You may want to do some reading on the subject.

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But that’s for infinite flight…


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Thanks so I should intercept the ILS around 3000-4000ft right?


There are two parts to an ILS. The Localizer (LOC) which will give you guidance left to right. And then there is the Glideslope which gives you vertical guidance.

Unless you are flying a “straight in” approach, you typically intercept the localizer at 30 degrees. Meaning you’d turn “into” the localizer path at 30’ degrees. At this point you’d want to make sure you have approach armed and that the localizer frequency was tuned in.

As you cross the beam, the aircraft will lock on and turn into it.

The next piece, is the glideslope. You need to reference the approach plates which will tell you what altitude you need to be at to intercept the glideslope.

This is all very high level but you’d be better served googling “what is an ILS” “how to fly an ILS” and watch some youtube videos.

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Okay thanks for the help.

@TCPD5091 Did a tutorial on it

But there are tons out there.


This actually helped me because I just did a flight and used ur advice thanks!

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After I turn on app mode should I turn of autopilot?

The autopilot is the master switch for those functions.
If you turn it off, they won’t work.

oh okay thanks

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Thank you for posting a video. That video was my 2nd or 3rd video ever made.


Lots of helpful content on your channel that I share whenever a subject related comes up. It’s a big bonus you’re an active forum member and can provide more context when needed.

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