When will ingame shop items be added again?

Since days i am waiting for kos or vienna to appear inside the sim shop, as gaya simulation stated they forwarded the final release version last week monday to Microsoft. But till today they didn t add any new sceneryto the store … are there any infos around, when the store will be „refilled“ again ?

It’s planed from MS and Asobo for the upcoming months to push more and more add-ons through the marketplace.
There are 700+ in development.
There could be at the moment multiple points regarding none more add-ons in the store.
None official statement, but the hole SDK is WIP.

Interview from Jörg Neumann Head of MSFS.
It’s in German.

Not doubting you…700+…where do you attain those figures from? If it’s true…happy days.

According to an interview with Matthijs from Aerosoft they are reworking the store at the moment and will only start adding new content when that’s done.

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Not only Marketplace. :muscle:t2:

Orbx are saying they’ve been told Sept 10th at the earliest before marketplace is functioning again.

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the in-sim MSFS marketplace definitely needs a lot of rework. Like a lot! you can add star ratings to it but can’t write a review? and it would be a great idea for the addons and their reviews to be visible as DLCs in the Microsoft/Xbox store. Think Steam, where games/apps and their dlcs are visible not only on the client app but in their website as well. Addons visible only through the simulator doesn’t help increase their visibility to the outside world.