When will Israel get High-res imagery in Fs2020

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Does anyone have a clue when will Israel get new, high-res satellite imagery?
According to this article many articles, it seems that the censorship on Israel was recently removed.
[Kyl-Bingaman Amendment, the law that forbids American companies make commercial use of high res imagery of Israel was dropped at the 25.8.2020].

However, it seems like we are still stuck with obsolete, low-res satellite imagery from Israel (2GSD from ~2015).

Does anyone has an idea when Bing will release new high-res satellite imagery of Israel areas?
Maybe Bing maps developers?
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Ya that would be nice. I have been doing what i call archaeological flights to sites around the world. Isreal has many that I want to see.

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Interesting, thanks!
Have a clue how long it might take?
BTW, the neighbor countries are not censored…

Absolutely! Plenty of sites to discover :slight_smile: