When Will New Planes Arrive?

I’ve been patiently waiting… but it seems like we won’t ever see new planes in the marketplace – specifically airliners. Love the A320, but when will others get added or be improved?

Anyone else feeling “bored” with same ol, same ol?

I’ve read that PMDG is waiting for the SDK to mature before investing too much effort into something that might not work right. I haven’t heard anything from other hair dryer developers. Bill from Lionheart Creations is moving steadily with his Trinidad, but I haven’t seen anything about a release yet.


Planes don’t take 5 minutes to make, the SDK does need to mature, but PMDG have said the 737, 747 and 777 will all be coming to the sim, Aerosoft are releasing there CRJ in Q1, they also have there Airbuses and Twin Otter coming to MSFS, Qualitywings are bringing there 787 (they hoping for a Q2 release) A2A and a few others have announced for MSFS but again they don’t take 5 minutes to build


Who said they take 5 mins to build? I’ve re-read my OP twice – where do I say that? PS, it’s been 5 months since launch and almost a year since alpha…

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I didn’t say you said 5 minutes, I’m saying it as someone who’s been in the flight sim community since the early 2000s. Yeah its been 5 months but with previous simulators (FSX, X-Plane) we haven’t seen any high quality aircraft before 18 months after release…so we are lucky to hopefully see the first HQ aircraft before the end of Q1


I hope you’re right – appreciate the feedback. Just ready to learn/fly something new

I hope they start coming soon, I think the FBW is a great mod, but we need more choices, hopefully advancements in the SDK will help


Tough crowd.


Since when is posting a plane in production for FS2020 considered offensive?

There are obviously a few in the marketplace. Carenado have 3 and they’re all pretty good.

If you’re waiting on something big though, you’ll be waiting a while until Asobo get their ■■■■ together and get the SDK up to par. Even the CRJ that was supposed to be out over the xmas holidays got delayed again, and I’m betting anything it has to do with the SDK.

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A demanding plane to fly, but I hope it will arrive soon.

Hopefully the Aerolite 103 will be included in the Marketplace soon.

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Here is my story. I had flown in FSX for 5 years and never considered changing platform before FS2020 comes out. I did have fun viewing the sceneries in the new sim but I started to miss my flyable airliners in FSX. Honestly I was able to finish some full flights with the help of community mods, but overall I always struggled flying the planes and had no time to enjoy the view. When I tried to go back to FSX, I found the sceneries completely unacceptable, after being spoiled by the new sim for months. Finally before Christmas, I ended up buying the X-plane… :joy: :joy:

But afterall, I have a strong faith in FS2020. It will be phenomenal once the thrid party airliners come out. I will patiently wait for this sim getting better and enjoy myself in X-plane meanwhile.


I think it only took a couple years before we started seeing some pretty good aircraft for FS2004. When FSX finally hit some of the really good ones ported over fairly quickly but I think the likes of the PMDG’s took at least two years before they came out.
I am thinking you will need to cultivate that patience a bit longer…


It’s not a matter of being bored with the planes, it’s a matter of none of the planes being of decent quality. Until high end developers get on board offering study level aircraft, I’ve put FS on the back burner. The issue may be more serious if Asobo doesn’t allow the developers total access to the flight model and systems. Even though their marketing seemed aimed to experienced sim pilots, it seems they are really focused on beginners who don’t really care about accuracy or realism. Hey if that’s where the money is - can’t blame them! Hopefully that will change eventually. I really think they really underestimated how difficult it would be to make a sim at the level of P3D or X-Plane 11.

Aerosoft’s CRJ is slated for release sometime in Q1. The Quality Wings 787 is scheduled to come out during Q2. If I may give a shout out to QW, their 787 was one of my favorite jets in P3D, and I’m really looking forward to their release for MSFS. Hopefully it will come with an EFB?

The CRJ was fun to fly as well, and a great looking aircraft.

So, hopefully within the next few months we’ll have 2. Meanwhile, I’m getting to love the 32N, but I’m still a 737 driver at heart:-)

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Experienced sim pilots are also enjoying this sim. With age comes an ability to recognize limitations and strengths. The experienced learn to take advantage of the strengths you have and work to improve the limitations.
This goes two ways. You can see that MSFS does GA aircraft fairly well. It does automated airline operations poorly. This means steer clear of the latter for now in favour of the former.

That also means that if your skills or experience in hand flying GA are a bit less developed due to years of FMS/FMC piloting, maybe it’s time to embrace the strength of the simulator in an effort to improve on your own limitations.


Very diplomatic. I guess my favorite planes are worst offenders, (turboprops and light jets), so it hasn’t been a great experience so far. I’m also most effected by the poor engine modeling on those planes. I agree about piston GA aircraft, the Bonanza has been the best experience so far, but still lagging behind what I’m used to in the other sims. Hand flying is fun when the trim works properly.


Most flight sims are missing key elements on release day. The first XPlane was pretty messy and most people thought it would never be up to MSFS standards. FSX also wasn’t really brilliant from the beginning. FS5 was in fact horrible until they brought out FS5.1 and then switched to the Windows version in FS95. In my FS experience the current MSFS is probably the best out of box experience of my flight sim life. Yes it lacks in many respects but it is also infinitely more complex and undoubtedly improving already.
That said: the airliners will come. Until then enjoy what you have :wink:


I don’t know what people expect of the default planes. MS built the whole sim, the whole earth, the enviro, the atc, and a whole bunch of really entertaining aircraft. To suggest these a/c are somehow lacking is really mind-boggling. All things considered, as default a/c for this new sim, they far exceeded my expectations; I have the Premium version, and I have so many favorites, I’ve still not flown everything that’s available.

A great addon is a brilliant piece of programming by itself, and as has been pointed out, truly jaw-dropping stuff for FSX didn’t come out for some time. And just wait, when PMDG finally releases their flagship 737, it will be glorious and it will cost as least as much as the premium version of the sim itself. And then there will be a whole other thread of muscular impatience and indignation. (For myself, once Dino’s T-45 comes out, I’ll be more than happy to wait a few years for PMDG to do their thing.)

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