WHEN will the freelook locks controls bug be fixed?!

This has gone on for ages and we all just live with it.

All of us, every one. We know it and Asobo know it, but when will we just be able to hold right click and move the camera without our controls locking and being unusable while we do it?!

Hardly see it mentioned, are we all just resigned to our “oh ■■■■ I only looked up for the landing light switch and now we’re off the taxiway!” fate? :joy::sob:


I don’t use right click enough for it to bother me (I typically don’t control the camera with the mouse). The toggle freelook option doesn’t cause this issue by the way. Only the (hold) one.

I’d also like to see this go back to the way it used to be. I notice it less now because I’m used to releasing free-look to make a control adjustment but it still gets me from time to time.

Asobo do nothing at all,the camera system have a lot of bug,plenty of people have report it to Asobo,never fixed

I wonder if you could use AutoHotkey to register the right-mouse-up to right-mouse-down, then you could effectively transform ‘toggle freelook’ into ‘toggle freelook (hold)’. Wacky idea I know…

I think there is already a topic on the matter in the forum somewhere. Also, it’s only been broken since sim update 5 :slight_smile:

I am new to MSFS. Today was testing rudder authority in crosswind with the Fenix A320.
All was good after touchdown, I was able to counteract the 20 kt wind from the right with left rudder, then decided to move view to the ECAM and activate the f/ctl page. The plane continued to the left, while I started giving full right rudder. When finally opened the f/ctl page the rudders were still full left. It was suggested this was due to me changing views (I use right mouse click and hold to do it). Now I see it’s been there since SU5, so probably never will be fixed :frowning:
This is what happened: youtu.be/MwbJINvkINQ

This is something that has been discussed by the community in various other threads and as such I will be closing this thread. However, I would like to respond to your actual question here in the OP. Honest answer? I’m not sure when it will be addressed. But we have reported it to the people who can prioritize and make those fixes. When we know more on it you will know more. Wish there was more here to share, but for now that is what we have. Thank you for your post and wanting to improve the sim.

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