When will the NDA for VR Beta lift?

I’d love to start seeing some content on youtube about the VR Beta. I keep seeing things like “you’re in for a treat” etc…

The funny thing is, people (including myself) have been doing poor mans VR in 2d… and it looks exactly the same on youtube! :wink: But it would be nice to start hearing about how the performance is etc.


most likely; never.

NDA from alpha/beta for the normal game is still in effect afaik.
Some ‘influencers’ might get approval I guess, but not really counting on anything.

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Ahh… that’s too bad. I was hoping to get a fix… the excitement is building!

just two and a half more weeks, it’s not that long.

I changed my Christmas calendar to a FS2020 VR calendar… at least I get a chocolate every day!

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2 more weeks and VR will be available for all.

NDA will never be lifted, just like the alpha / beta testers still can’t talk about the alpha and beta versions.

My HP Reverb G2 setup arrived yesterday. And I’ve broken the cable clip already but that seems to be a common issue. But I’m more than ready and have two weeks off work over Christmas break :grin:

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We have not receive any other indication regarding NDA. So I am afraid that NDA will apply until the end of the beta.

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Not speaking in official function here.

I recon, giving Alpha of the sim is also still under NDA, that the NDA for VR won’t lift as well. But when VR is released for everyone ofcourse you’re free to post videos about it


I concur :slight_smile:

And I think that’s also what the OP meant: When will he be able to see/use VR :slight_smile:

The answer: Before the end of the year VR should be available in the public version, according to Asobo.


My clip broke the first day of ownership. I had already heard of the problem so was not at all concerned. The twist tie solution is working just fine LOL

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Dec 22/23rd… We will all be able to experience VR in this sim. :slight_smile:

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Actually I know the release date, I was hoping some of my favorite YouTube VR pilots would be able to share some footage or at least talk about it before the release date. I understand now that’s not likely to happen. Cheers.

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At the risk of breaking NDA i will say this:
You will never want to go back to playing pancake again


There are so many questions I wish I could ask, but I know you or other participants can’t talk about.

I look forward to trying it out myself. I do hope they have proper support for Index controllers including the grip and finger tracking.

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Well i can answer your first question:

Yes, it’s as awesome as you think it is

I’m waiting for full reviews by simmers doing actual multi hour flights before I order a headset.

Influencers can go home after the hype train that was pre-launch vs what we actually received.

Can you answer if we will like it better, worse or about the same as Prepar3d with FlyInside VR?

I have not used any other VR flying games other than IL2, DCS and if you want, War Thunder so i couldn’t give you a comparison based on my experiences since those are combat flight simulators, NDA or not. I’m also not gonna speak for others who may or may not be saying “i’m sticking with FS2020” or “i’m going back to ____.” I think the overall goal was to create a unique experience, not necessarily to compete with other VR flying games out there. You’ll have to wait n see unfortunately and make your own decisions.

That said, i feel like it will be a situation where there will be a group of players who will come play FS2020 in VR for a while and go back to another simulator because “______ is so much better,” similar to sentiments echoed after the 2D release of the game. At the same time, there will be people who will refuse to play FS2020 in pancake because “Its superior to every other game”. Frankly, you dont need to be in the VR beta to postulate this.

Again, i’ll reiterate: I Can’t compare FS2020 VR to Xplane, Aerofly etc because i haven’t played those, regardless of NDA

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I concur :slight_smile: