When will the Non-Unicode Language issue on Windows be fixed?

There’s an issue caused by Windows’s System Region setting for Non-Unicode app language, which when set to non-Latin language, the Sim will not work properly. For example, flight plan set on world map will be broken, FPS will crop significantly after an airliner takes-off, and even Reno Air Race will not work.

This issue exists since MSFS came out. Will it be fixed?

Now that Chinese localization is on the horizon, if this issue still exist by then, new Chinese simmers will think the game/sim is broken and have a bad first impression on the great sim.

Even if we set that Windows setting to English, some legacy Windows apps will not display the correct text/characters, if not completely stop working.

Officially at (If I set the landing airport, when I take off I will get very low FPS (low as 10fps)) told me in the relevant zendesk that they will be looking into this.

This is a common PR style reply. Nothing special.

There arre many MSFS players inn China,although this game has regional restrictions.Microsoft has a good reputation in China,but when a newcomer plays MSFS and find that this bug has always existed,he may have a bad impression of Microsoft.
Please fix this issue ASAP

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