When will the wishlist become a priority?

If you visit the wishlist forum it’s filled with very old requests (many from 2020) with hundreds of votes that haven’t been addressed. Some of the wish list items are brilliant and would bring the sim to the next level, particularly on Xbox where supplementary add ons and workarounds are not available for us Xbox users.

I would gladly trade a WU and/or SU (or several) if it allows Asobo some time to work on some of these requests that the community has been requesting for some time now.

Wishlist items when?


The wishlist is a voteable subcategory. Those with high votes (they get sorted by vote count) get on the feedback snapshot and is updated weekly on the Development Updates.

Last Development Update with the wishlist feedback:

For wishes, you may need to pay a third party. Observation reveals that voting is not necessarily a certainty for any particular wish.

I would 100% trade 2 or 3 WU’s for them to instead work on as many wishlist requests as possible. Some of the wishlist topics are things I would’ve expected to be addressed in the first year - or things that were in previous Microsoft Flight sims that I expected to be added relatively quickly. At some point, it’d be good for them to tackle that.


This applies for some of the wishlist items:

All my wishes are fullfilled and I will be quiet forever as soon as we get some nice WEATHER RADAR :smiley:

And a 747, 777, A330, oh that lovely A340 I absolutely love it have you ever flown one, you will never want to fly anything else so maybe some day we will get a Fenix A340!
And of course the most important… oh wait… I consider simulating an A350 as impossible, so that´s all for now.

And a C130 would be great too! With extra-STOL-package.

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