When will we see a stable version?

Almost 1 year after release - when will Asobo manage to provide a stable and working version?

I appreciate the sim updates with all the scenery stuff but as long as the basics (installation, stability, performance) are on an early access level I really start to ask why I wasted 120 Euros on a early access and experimental version?

Are you kidding me?


I’m hoping we will start to see some improvement soon.

My guess is that the dev teams at Asobo have been constantly behind the 8ball due to impractical expectations set out by their Microsoft overlords, the ones who get to make all the decisions.

It started with the sim being released well before it was ready. Then Microsoft required VR, causing tons of issues to be put on the backlog. All while setting out an expectation that an Xbox version would be released soon™, causing the team to work on a rewrite of the various back-end systems.

They’ve finally finished meeting all those requirements. Now, finally, hopefully, they will be able to start to prioritise some of their engineers to fixing bugs and improving stability.


I hope you’re right.

Yeah, so do I.

I’m hoping it too.

This is not true and is false. It was the MSFS community that wanted VR. Lots of simmers using MSFS asked for VR and Microsoft/Asobo were listening to the demands of the community. If there wasn’t a strong request by the community to add VR, we wouldn’t have VR today.

You make it sound like Microsoft made this decision about VR without consulting the community. It’s the opposite, the community asked for VR and Microsoft/Asobo followed through on the request.

The same thing could be said about the Xbox launch. By the way, I’m not opposed to either, I think they’re fantastic, and I hope I get to try out the sim in VR one day as I’ve heard fantastic things.

I guess my point is, rather than letting the team focus on fixing some large flaws with the sim that was present in the launch build, in part because the sim was forced out before it was ready, Microsoft started pushing them to develop other large features because it was good from a marketing perspective.

Again, no issues with VR being implemented at all, but something like VR is still a very small potential market share of users, and while the devs who implemented that feature were working on it, they weren’t working on some of the catastrophically flawed issues that existed at the time.

The ‘problem’ i have with it is that i bought the premium deluxe dvd version and i don’t really see the premium or deluxe of it now.

Throughout the year i found the third party addons the most improved items on the sim. I’n the beginning i had no problems with FPS or that kind of stuff but that got worse and worse. Until SU4, which was a real improvement on my side. SU5 is also a big step forwards in ‘playability and better FPS’ . But a lot worse on LOD and with almost no addons left in the community folder weird ctd’s.

I was trying to get a hold on the xbox controller style playability but i just gave up. All the controls and key bindings are so messed up now that i don’t even know where to start. Mouse isn’t working as it used to work. Why have they changed al the default bindings…

So, yes! In small planes and only takeoffs and flying i find it a very big plus update. Except the draw distance… those popups are really disturbing in some aerias like NY and LA.
But setting up the airliners from cold is almost undoable with the new controls

What do you mean when? The game has been stable working for nearly a year. I’ve had no issues with stability.

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I want to believe!

Just because you aren’t having issues (congrats by the way), doesn’t mean tons of people aren’t.


I agree completely with this assessment. Thankfully there is nothing more Microsoft could pressure them for so they can focus on making it more stable and reliable. Actually most importantly, they must give them more time for testing. That’s what makes it so problematic. The limited time they have to test the updates.

From the soon to be released movie, “That’s one of life’s great mysteries, sir”…

I am having the biggest problems with the game since the last update.
Did a file check via steam client and this led to all files being deleted, so i have to download them again. But now the downloader seems to be unable to decompress any of the downloaded files - it always! gets stuck somewhere. ProcMon prooved that there is no drive activity in th FS2020 folder.

the amount of people on the forums is a fraction of the amount of people that are playing.
the sim has always been very stable for me.

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It depends heavily on the addons/peripherals. It’s likely the advanced users have more problems than more casual users who have a simple joystick and not so much addons. For instance some Orbx sceneries around London now crash the sim, and the FBW A320 crashes the sim alot.

That doesn’t change anything. The sim should work like advertised. I have about 200GB of addons, for me this patch is a nightmare.

If i uninstall everything i don’t have CTDs, but i don’t think this should be necessary every 2 months. Addons are a big part of the flight sim experience for me.

While I am seeing issues that are regressions with SU5, instability isn’t one I am seeing. There are many people in the forums reporting crashes, etc. so I am not saying “works on my rig so must work on all”. Just simply saying that the converse also isn’t true: “unstable on your rig does not mean unstable on all”.

I would suspect that the reason I am not seeing instability is because I have not installed anything from the community or 3rd parties. So if I was to recommend anything to those experiencing instability, it would be to go back to a vanilla state and see if the sim is stable.

That said, it doesn’t really bode well for MSFS2020 that Asobo’s update doesn’t play well with the ecosystem they are trying to build. In fact, I’d say it is yet another example of very poor strategy and execution.

To be a successful sim fort the long term, an ecosystem is really the thing that will either make or break this sim’s future. When a bunch of talented people, like the FlyByWire team, and invest time in producing something great for the community, and they do an update and it breaks this great 320 mod and they say “oops, we’ll just temporarily de-list it in the marketplace”?

That is just bad. So that is what I mean by “poor strategy and execution”.

Unfortunately, this sim is not yet in the place where updates can happen without impacting the ecosystem. So in my view that means we better get used to knowing how to return MSFS2020 to a vanilla state with no mods or 3rd party stuff.

Many of us already have empty community folders and no third parties and it still crashes all the same.

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On going effort to stabilize the platform…mean ongoing until end of 10 year cycle. Alternatively, pls be critical if they messed up and not just let issues pass easily as customers, especially unacceptable major game breaking bugs. Sometime as customers we have ourself to blame if we condone mistakes and try to be too understanding…exercise judgement when to be critical pls.

Maybe when it’s out of beta… in a few years…