When will we see wide screen/multimonitor support?

This was listed as the second most wanted improvement. Now we see no mention of it ?

Hi there,
A similar question was asked in the last Developer Q&A.

You can read the question and response here:

or watch it here:

Martial mentioned following up on it in this Q&A, so hopefully he will.


Much appreciated, I didn’t watch the last stream. I checked out the questions to be asked and didn’t spot it there. I have spotted that it was listed as the second most desired request in the past.
Having stopped playing the game due to this, I am very keen to see some sort of implementation. My screen is super wide at 32:9 ratio. I will keep an eye on the next stream for more information.

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Thank you! I use 3840x1080, or 32:9, as well. So I hear you on the widescreen issue.

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Martial gives the same answer every time he’s asked on this :sweat_smile:. Maybe some day we do get an actual answer

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This could be said for so many questions lol, just like VR for example.

Jorg likes to add that “they just had a conversation about this this morning” or something similar. And that it’s def. something they are aware of. But you know…gotta pump those surprises and Top Gun extensions out and find ways to increase player base, even if they only play an hour because it’s all so buggy.

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Not much info on this topic was really provided in the April Q&A (I know - it was my question, and was disappointed in the response). Martial did comment about more details this month, so I’m really hoping to get a better idea on when multi-screen will be available. I’m beginning to get the impression that it’s being de-prioritized, even though it still shows up in the top 3-4 feature requests; I hope that is not the case.

I’m not sure where you read into the idea that it has been deprioritized. Martial did say in his answer that they were working through some issues with the rendering pipeline with respect to multiscreen support. He said that they are trying to get it into Sim Update 10 but that it depended on whether they could fix those issues in time. My hope is that he follows through with an answer as to whether or not it will get into Sim Update 10, but it sounds to me like that is what they are trying.

That they had considered releasing the multi-monitor support for SU10 was, to my understanding, before the last DEV Q&A. Because shortly before the last Q&A this feature disappeared from the “Wishlist - Active Development” and was moved to the “Wishlist - Lifetime”. That is what worries me, or us, that there is any chance at all that it will be implemented in SU10.
Then in the Q&A they said that they could say more about it in the next event.
It would be nice if at least the basic functionality could be implemented, if it is technically feasible. Not that we have to look sideways out of the plane with distorted images for another few months.

The question seems to covered widescreen and multiscreens. Although I know the problem of multiscreens, what is the point of Widescreen in this question ?

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Because obviously users who have an extreme wide angle monitor (e.g. 32:9, 5120x1440) also get a distorted image in the side areas. I don’t have one myself, but it seems to be the same effect as if you connect three monitors via NVIDIA Surround and run the simulator with a resolution of 5760x1080.

By the way, when it comes to multi monitor support, many people talk about two different things:

  1. the correct view when using three monitors or one UltraWide monitor, i.e. the compensation of the image distortion in the lateral areas, or the FOV (Field of View) in relation to the angle and distance at which the monitors are set up.
  2. the support of many different monitors, e.g. to outsource displays of the cockpit (I have not yet dealt with this, so there may be other requirements of the community).

This was answered last q&a

Not really - we’re looking for a more comprehensive discussion of when multi-screen will be available - and addressing both elements mentioned above - use of multiple screens with tools to minimize image distortion, and the ability to offload cockpit displays on separate monitors (essentially modeling a real glass cockpit).