Where are all my Hours gone?

Does anyone know this problem?

I use the Steam version! I logged out in the MSFS, 4 days ago due to Asosobo server problems (thought it was my system) and logged back in 2 days later.

Now it says 0 hours but next level = 900 hours! (so that let´s ny hope)

It was over 860+ hours. What does this mean now? Also all “achievements” from the landing challenges etc are gone…in the MSFS. I don´t use the developer mode.

In Steam itself it shows 1000 hours = 86/100 (560+ hours) ; also the other Achievements = (63 %)

So, i want my hours back in the sim!

It aint gonna happen unfortunately. This has been going on for almost since release. In steam I have 2200+ hours, in the sim Im back at 56 hours. I was at almost a 100 a couple of weeks ago, but then it reset my hours again.

If you really care about your hours, I suggest you either get a paper pilots log book, or a program like Little Nav Map(free) that will track them for you.

And of course this thread will be locked and moved since there are tons of threads out there already about this problem.

I agree but before it is, I wonder why people want hours logged? I couldn’t care less personally! What’s the mindset here?

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LOL I dont know, some people do it for the online prestige, I do it so I know how much time Ive wasted on the sim. Used to be with other sims, somethings could be used to get a PPL…


I highly recommend using LittleNavMap to log your flights. I have not lost my in sim log but I lost a few long flights due to CTDs. About a month ago I manually keyed in log entries by copying what I had in the sim to get LNM caught up (it took quite a bit of time and effort to do that), and now I don’t worry much about the in sim log.

LNM also lets you export to csv so you can do log analysis, see how many hours per aircraft etc.

:smiley: Exactly, I just want to know how much of my life time has already gone on here! Is it possible to manually re-enter the time somewhere in a folder? Or where is that stored?


There are other topics on this. We like to keep only one topic related to an issue for bug tracking. When multiple topics are created it spreads out the vote counts. We use these votes to bring issues to the developers.

See if any of these fit your issue:
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i will check it! It is really annoying! Does this happen randomly? Then I’ve just been lucky so far! 860 hours :confounded:

im on the xbox side and so far its just a few hours randomly when i start-up, maybe losing a flight or two from the last session . secretly im a little happy about it , as it doesnt look like i spend that much time on the sim

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But it is good addiction indicator :smiley:

In real life, a pilot measures their experience in logged flying time as expressed in hours. The idea is replicated here.

It’s an aviation thing.


I´m Pilot! Just Paramotor but a pilot! SInce 2008. I have my Book! And I would be very very sad if my LogBook was suddenly disappeared! With all my real flights and hours. Although this is just “fun and a Game” but I am disappointed about the fact, that all my hard earned hours are gone!

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Your logged hours are an accomplishment and something to be very proud of. It would be crushing to see your records disappear.

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Every flight out there is special, even if we are traveling very slowly :slight_smile:

Many flights in the simulator are also special.

check your seconds flown

they might still be there

Did you try logging out and back in?
That often triggers a re-sync (logbook stored in the cloud).
There’s a chance it could get your hours back :crossed_fingers:

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yeah i try this one at least

login logoff doesn´t change something…sad

Somewhere on these forums is a thread on this, and in that thread someone recounts a way to restore your hours *(maybe), you might want to search that and see if that will work for you…

While I haven’t lost my in-game hours (yet!), I have read of it occuring often enough that I now backup my logbook daily automatically with Karen’s Replicator to Google Drive, the latter of which allows older logbook versions to be restored through the file versions feature. For MSFS on Steam, your logbook is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxx\1250410\remote where xxxxxxxx is your Steam ID and I back up the whole folder.

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