Where are all of my Zendesk tickets?!?!?!

Can anyone else check if their submitted tickets along with the history are gone?

Mine are there, but 3 out of 4 say Awaiting Your Reply with no post from the support folks. I’m just reporting minor bugs they’ll get to some day, (like the Airbus rocking its wings on autopilot), so I don’t expect a back and forth… (mine are all this week, so maybe they zapped old or beta tickets?)

They zapped my entire history and recent tickets. Either a bug or deliberate.

I don’t seem to have this supposed A320 rocking thing. I have seen vids, but, when I fly with it it flies normally in accordance with the weather.

If it’s a known issue and they have already received a gazillion tickets on it then it might have been removed or changed to ‘solved/resolved’.

About status:

Ticket Statuses Explained (Bug Reports)

  • Open: The bug report has been updated. Typically, this will happen when you send a reply or add additional information to the initial bug report.
  • Awaiting your reply: The ticket is pending review by our team. A bug report will remain pending until it’s updated or marked as solved.
  • Solved: The bug report has been handled. Our team has recorded the bug in our internal bug and issue tracker. Please note this does not mean you will see the bug fixed in the next update, but has been recorded and prioritized accordingly.
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All of mine are present, and most had their status changed to “Solved” earlier today.

Does this mean it would lay with lowest priority before anyone made some more activity like bellring message? :thinking:

No, its mean:
User add aditional data or replied

How can you check your tickets?

Mine is gone as well

Here u can check your tickets:

Alternative method:
Go into zendDesk then leftclick on profile icon and choose My activites