Where are all the 3rd party aircraft developers?

I know MSFS has just been released, but I figured that 3rd party aircraft developers would be quick to act and be active on the forums to promote their planned projects. I am a little worried about the silence.

Other than the A2A Piper Aerostar and PMDG 737, which both are at a minimum several months away…I don’t know of any other high quality aircraft being developed.

For the serious flight simming crowd, MSFS is in great need of high quality 3rd party aircraft…From the Cessna 172 to the A320 and everything in between. I hope I am wrong, but it seems that we may be waiting a very long time.

It is day two. I did not expect any aircrafts on release so I was suprised to see Carenado there. Aircrafts will come later. The SDK is not even complete yet so it will take time.


Looks like they are stuck using Autodesk’s 3DS Max at the moment, which is not cheap and maybe a lot of them aren’t used to using that program. They are coming!!!

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Thank you for the link. It looks like Aerosoft’s plan is the CRJ, followed by the Twin Otter, and then the A320ceo.

Of course I forgot developing a plane is much easier than placing a building on a texture…

And what we don’t need to learn any leasons from Orbx about rushing products so no problems lets give everybody all our planes, it looks ■■■■ and the autopilot doesn’t work or the windows or doors operate - that’s fine they are use to that. :joy:

Uhm… yeah right… The best things in life are worth waiting for. In the meantime there is much joy to be had with the Asobo planes which for what they are, are really good fun. :+1:

From what I heard, it’s simply a port of their existing 182T for other sims, which is probably why they were able to push it out on day 1. I doubt its a particularly high quality addon, though. It would be like paying an extra 30 dollars for one more default aircraft.

If you want third parties aircrafts working, you should have at least default aircrafts working.

Considering the current status of the sim, I’m amazed with the fact that third parties content has been already released.

I wonder if the third party developers knew from a long way out the sim would be released on the 18th of August, maybe it has caught some people out. Not a big deal for me, I’m sure there’ll be a steady flow of new releases in the coming months.

You know it, they get to re-sell us the same planes we bought for P3D in the last few year. :wink:

I can’t wait for something like the ATR 72-500/600 to be developed by a 3rd party, I’m easily willing to drop 100$~ on the ATR 72, I don’t know why but I find turboprop passenger planes like it to be things of beauty.

I just saw this posted over at the A2A forums…


This would be incredibly good news if it works out!

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