Where Are All the Helicopter Pilots?

@FlyingGunny I should think not with a galaxy-class starship and all that crew to be responsible for! Phew! :rofl:

Does the Action Pack work with the Beta versions of the Heli? They state in the manual that the Base and Heli version must be the same in order to work correctly. However, how would I get a version of the action back later than the stable release version?

Or is it updated automatically when I select a Beta version of the base pack in their Hype Center (forgot how the app is actually called).

Which beta version would you recommend for a somewhat stable experience that already incorporates the native FM and heli controls?

I strongly lament the fact that more and more developers (not only in the sim space) have shifted from classic support & feedback forums to Discord or Reddit (although the info there is at least retrievable, but bad due to a multitude of other reasons).

Sadly, the internet forum culture of old is dying and its not for the better.

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Yep the updates are sync’ed. So you can hit one button and it will update both base and action pack. If you have the action pack, it becomes integrated, for all intents and purposes, with the base as a single product - just in two different folders.

An update dropped today - 363 - which I haven’t tried yet, but it fixes and fine tunes the previous 362 which worked brilliantly with the native msfs heli flight model and controls as far as I am concerned.

I agree in general about discord. However in the case of HYPE, the kind of support they provide (ie. practically real time) could not be done effectively on a forum. Also, besides the devs themselves, there are a ton of very helpful people who will immediately jump in and answer questions and problem solve. Many have been instrumental in testing the beta fm changes and providing feedback. There’s also a current professional H145 pilot from Finland who is on sometimes with interesting insights and tips.

Short of it - I cannot recommend the H145 highly enough. More so than any other addon I have bought.


Thank you! I have the H145 and action pack installed but not tried out yet, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered with remapping the control inputs for helicopters. But fortunately, that should not be required anymore with the latest builds. Can’t wait to try out 363.

Why not? There are now specific mappings for helos.
As an aside, this is probably not the best thread for technical questions. They may not get noticed. There are other threads where you will be assured of response. :wink:

Can you let us know when the H145 beta has finished to getting native msfs dynamics please? Oar should I purchase the 145 now and try out the beta as well?

this guy is a 145 pilot and flies in MSFS too Markus Sinervä - YouTube

Discord could be interesting if they implemented a good thread system, unlike the one they added some time ago.

The platform is definitely not a good way to share knowledge. It may be because of my age but I completely miss the point of having content that rapidly vanishes. Almost as bad as Facebook.


It’s there already. I think almost everyone who flies the H145 is using the 362 (now 363) version. There really isn’t a good reason to wait as far as I can see.

Yes, it’s Markus who is on the discord sometimes.

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I’m using the latest stable version, 340. I’m not as knowledgeable about rotary physics as many of the helicopter users are, but it handles beautifully for me. I can get off the ground, into a hover and from point A to B through several waypoints. If there are at this time, defects in the flight physics being corrected in the Betas, I wouldn’t know. I’m no Purist. I would go ahead and purchase. The current version is much fun to fly. I also have the Action Pack, but haven’t really used it. The Basic alone keeps me busy.

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Tried out the latest Beta version with the Asobo heli FM. All in all, very nice. I found the Helicopter still a bit too stable with AP and SAS off, but that’s okay. Maybe I’m just battle-hardened after grinding my teeth on the 407.

One thing I noticed though is that VRS is completely missing now. According to the manual the 1.0 stable release that is using their own FM has it. That’s too bad, but I guess this is the price of going with the native FM, since neither the Cabri nor the Bell feature VRS. Let’s hope Asobo fixes this soon.

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The 407 is like herding cats, as the saying goes.

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I want to say. Even though I enjoy now having the 407, still a massive disappointment for MFS2020. I tell you what, they were advertising helis were coming, since I believe either early 2022 or even before that, and we could see screenshots as well. The helicopter and the simulation are far from being great. I feel like back to 2009 when they released MFS X, what a disaster that brought down the sim. Also, I could not believe they put out all that “TOP GUN” package scenery and airplanes way before helicopters. It’s hard to say what to expect from these people. Don’t get me wrong, I really love it, but at the same time, I think the advertisement is more than what it is. Just to show you how poor it is, I hate that MFS20 says they added termals for gliders, etc, but we are not able to see dust blow when landing/taking off with the 407

Maybe you should get the Hype H145. Version 2.0 is now official. The aircraft has been in constant development\improvement. I’ve had it for a couple of years and haven’t flown fixed-wing since. Well, except for the Osprey, and that is part helicopter. The price is going up in about a week. I never noticed dust blow on takeoff/landing, but I’m not concerned about those visuals.

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Expect very little from Asobo themselves with default aircraft of any sort. They, like all developers of MSFS over the years, will generally make half ■■■■■ aircraft for the masses with very few “features”. It has always been left to payware (and a few freeware) developers to come up with the really good stuff, and even when Asobo sub contract out projects to payware devs you simply cant expect to get “premium” products when they are given away to the end users for free.

Asobo’s main focus will always be on maintaining and improving the core sim software and providing the framework and tools for the payware devs to get their stuff in the sim. If you want quality addons you generally have to get you wallet out. It’s always been that way and i don’t see that changing any time soon.

Coming from the last 5 years simming with x-plane in the vSkyLabs LongEZ and the last year started learning to fly helicopters with the vSkyLabs Cabri G2, I am finding the MSFS Cabri G2 level of systems implementation fitted to my needs from cold start to shutdown (except that the doors won’t open to let me out). As far as flight modeling, it is less responsive than the x-plane implementation (with default cyclic, collective, and tail rotor/pedal settings) but I felt the x-plane implementation was a bit overly sensitive so the MSFS Cabri G2 is “just right” for my skill level.

When I can hold a clean, level hover-taxi at the first turn out, hover taxi on the centerline back to parking, and set her down facing the desired direction I will feel ready to be “where […] the helicopter pilots [are]”



I wasn’t into helicopters at all. Then I wanted to try something else. I bought the Hype145. I love it! Something completely new to do and experience.

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I have one helicopter (Alouette III) but I haven’t flown it yet, partly because I feel I need to buy a HOTAS that’s more suitable for rotaries. I’m saving my money.

I’m keeping my Alpha/ Bravo, because I enjoy fixed-wing aircraft too much to give them up, and they work pretty darn well for that.

ETA: The H145 looks really nice.

That’s true. You absolutely need a stick for helicopters. The MV-22 Osprey also uses a stick. I highly recommend the VKB Gladiator. I use two, one each for cyclic an collective. The Bravo can be used for choppers. I use the autopilot buttons for Alt, IAS, etc.

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Of course, DanRoman is in the pilot seat on the H145, the Osprey, the H145, the H125, the MD-500, Bell 407 - still drooling for more types from pro creators - UH-60, Huey, Chinook, Sea King, CH-53, Leonardo AW -139,