Where Are All the Helicopter Pilots?

I have enough to keep me flying my145, but, yes the 53 would be nice. Just got this post.

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With the new sim coming out, and hopefully helo friendly, other types should be coming along. I miss the firefighting add-on from FSX/P3D and the S-70. We see it a lot when we have our fires in the ANF, which my street is the ‘gateway’ into. When the emergency bits get better for the H145 I hope other makers might include similar add-ons for their helos.

Good to see you, Gunny!

I mostly fly helis in VR sine I started last year and leaned with the 2 included. Since, I have tried 3 others and found myself preferring the 407. Feels like a unique experience where you learn to be in perfect rhythm with the machine. Makes for a beautiful dance. Love the precision. I would definitely recommend it.

Are there any heli group flights? I think it would be super fun.

Funny you should mention group flights. I just posted our weekly (Wednesday) helicopter group flight to the events calendar. Our discord is where the helicopter pilots are… :wink:

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Speaking of firefighting, I’ve had the H145 Action Pack since it came out. Only used it about twice.
Got back a couple of weeks ago. Stayed with our daughter in Oceanside for a week. Visited MCAS Miramar. Saw a flight of 6 or 8 Ospreys. They were all with nacelles at 90. By the time I got my phone camera up there was only one in the air. That should teach me to go back to having my real camera with me. As always, there were lots of helicopters zipping around over the 5 at Camp Pendleton.

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Lucky you, Gunny. Last time I went the only thing I saw in droves were those ‘squirrels’ living in the burrows along the park north of Pendleton. Otherwise, not one grunt. Sigh. On the other hand, we do see them flying over LA - I hangout in East Hollywood. Rascals.