Where are the dynamic tooltips?

Of course I switched to legacy mode for cockpit operations and thought everything would be as it was before the update. But I am now missing the dynamic tooltips. I cannot see percentages for thrust-, prop- and mixture levers, not the set values when rotating the trim wheel or course dial.

How can I get this information back?

Same here - hope somebody has an answer to this issue. I get that they needed some changes to accommodate the new Xbox pilots, but this took away a kind of essential function for the core PC folk.



I have the same problem and found no solution. I tried different settings in the legacy-mode but don’t get the percentages (for thrust, pro, mixture), no course (on the HDG-knob).
I think only ASOBO can fix it.

Does anything here help?

I’ve tried it, you’ll only get some of the informations back (e.g. QNH), but no % and no course-settings.

Rgr will keep investigating.

I appreciate it.

What dials are lacking the %? All or just some?

I miss them at the levers for Throttle, Mixture and Prop. Generally it still seems to be possible, because at a light-knob a could see a percentage-information.

Not really. It doesn’t bring back anything in the DC-6 for instance. At least not what I tested.

Dc 6 is a mod / new aircraft yes?

Did you clear your community folder and/or has there been an update post SU5 by the DC6 team?

Suggest you try the tips in the post above with a stock aircraft to see if they work for you then move to the DC6?

Hope it works out for you, I understand all this is very annoying

Yes, I cleared my Community folder. And yes, there was an update for the DC-6 from PMDG.

But the values are also missing in the default C152 and C172.

Yes I am hearing some % scales etc are missing. I am going to investigate that later.

I looked at the default C172 again now. I adjusted the accessibility options as per your advice. There is no dynamic text visible. Here is what I’m missing:

Throttle lever
Mixture lever
Elevator trim
OBS Heading bug
OBS Heading compass
Altimeter Calibration
CDI NAV1 course
CDI NAV2 course
ADF bearing
Glare shield lighting (not sure if we had that before)
Radio lighting (not sure if we had that before)

Rgr thanks. If its a default aircraft I can take a look at it myself and see if I am seeing anything different to you.

Loaded up the C152, there are no values in the tooltips.

And I again looked at the DC-6 from PMDG. I have to apologize, everything works in DC-6, except the Throttle levers and Prop pitch, but I’m not sure if it showed the percentages before the update.

So maybe 3rdp devs just need to adjust their aircraft to SU5 then?

Ok I have done a little more testing. I am afraid it is good and bad news.

I use the FBW A32NX and it DOES have % indicators including throttle, dial and flap positions etc on all dials and throttles etc (except VS and ALT, but i cant remember if this used to show or not). It just seems to be the stock aircraft (and the WT CJ4, which is my only other mod) that have this issue regarding % dials.

I am reaching out to the FBW team to see if they know why % shows in their module but no others seem to. I will update this post when (if) I know more.

In the mean time hopefully the image below provides you with some confidence/hope that the feature has not been (entirely) removed and can hopefully be re-implemented.

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Same as with the DC-6 then.

As we can see with the DC-6 I have the impression that Asobo probably does not need to fix anything and that addon aircraft can show dynamic tooltips also in SU 5.

However, if tooltips are made smaller also shrinks the GUI which then is more difficult to use.