Where are VOR frequencies in fight plan?

Thanks no I’m definitely not using the ADF and I have followed all the correct steps in your list. I even flew right over the VOR( I knew where it was) and the vertical line always stayed on the far left, never moved.

I’m afraid you’ve got me on that one. If you overflew the VOR you should have seen some aberration on the instrument. No matter what radial you are on, spinning the OBS dial should ultimately “sync” the needle. Based on what you have shared, I’m rather stumped at this point. Have you tried with BOTH VORS?

Thanks for your help, so I am I! Something did happen come to think of it, both lines centred and the double arrow appeared (I think the ‘from’ symbol). But no movement up to that point irrespective of where I pointed the aircraft or span the OBS knob.

Yes tried both of them. My understanding is wherever you are if you spin the OBS it will align the vertical line and give you the correct heading, as long as you are close enough right? Just out of interest. When you first activate the NAV, does the instrument automatically give you the correct heading or do you need to know the course at flight planning stage, or spin the OBS to give you heading?

What ApeJim said has already happened to me.
The explanation was that the map presumably showed a bad / non-existent VOR frequency.
I was there over the VOR and the pointer did not move.
I checked the Skyvector and the VOR was not on it.

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Interesting, I’ll try another one and see if it works

By the way, here is an instructional video that I think is understandable and useful:


Ey! thanks for the clarification, It was useful for me too.

It is sad we have to clarify we are not been aggressive. I found myself having to sign every reply with a text “Insert friendly tone here”, people receive my replies better and they reply a lot better too, more open to different POVs. It feels bad, but that is how it is.

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Thanks for all your help, very useful!

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Ape Jim, in regards to your last question, VOR readings are independent from aircraft heading. No matter what course you are flying, the VOR will read the same, all else being equal. This throws alot of people. When you turn the OBS until the arrow aligns, the heading at the top of the instrument shows you what RADIAL you are on, not NECESSARILY the course you need to fly to get to the VOR. That’s where “from” and “to” flags come into play-
Download a free “VOR online simulator” (I don’t have a link handy) and then play around with it. VOR use isn’t necessarily intuitive, and you need to cement the concept in your mind until you are proficent.

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Great thanks for all your help, I think I get it but clearly need some practice!

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It’s a lot of fun once you get it, and set up a flight plan to follow the “Victor Airways.” Once you learn to use the ADF you can easily triangulate your position to get an exact fix.

In this day and age of GPS it seems pretty silly, but it’s how we flew IFR “back in the day.” An avionics stack with dual VOR radios and an ADF receiver was considered pretty top drawer. And an autopilot too? That does more than keep your wings level? Whoa!

So… you might ask… how did those early trans-oceanic TWA and PanAm flights do it? Read the explanation here:slight_smile:


When I zoom in on an airport (with Navaids enabled) the symbol for the VOR and ILS is the same. If I didn’t already know it was an ILS frequency there would be no way to tell. The different navaids need different symbols!

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The world map is a real step backwards from the maps in FS9 and FSX. I can’t believe they think it is a good map. You shouldn’t have to zoom way in to see an ILS frequency…it’s pretty hard to use. Bring back the old maps! They worked great!


Great article! So, no daytime trips from NY to London??

That is a great question! One would think that there had to be daytime flights.

I suggest a bit of software that - in my opinion - should be part of your standard Flight Sim setup. It is called Little Navmap, and you can read all about it here. It will change the way you use Flight Sim.

The developer is on the forum every day it seems, and is available to answer any question you may have. Plus, a lot of us here on the forum use the software for flight planning and during flight because it is so doggone great!

I think you will find everything you are looking for - and more - if you give it a try.

Happy Landings!

Looks great. Thx for the tip!

If you enjoy early airliner stories, read “Fate is the hunter”. One of aviation’s classics and it’s great!

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There were!
They used both maps (VFR in an airliener), and sparse early versions of ADF, with manually operated dipole antennas, and other 15th century (to us) technology

BTW they used a single radio beacon in any kind of weather to navigate through “the hump” (aka the Himalayas)

Aviators were a different breed then