Where are white caps on water? Swells? Ripples? Turbulent water? Stronger waves?

Every screenshot I see, the water looks the same. Same texture on the water, no height or pattern variation/randomness, no white caps, no swells, no waves crashing on shore, no foam, no bigger waves in shallower water, no appearance of ripples, no etc.

If these things are in the game, it seems nobody turns the feature on. Or if they only appear in very windy/stormy weather, then I think Microsoft should maybe lower the threshold for when this stuff appears, since even nice, normal days have water with some of these characteristics for some nice variation. Maybe even taking into account the shape of the shoreline and water depth to help calculate some water behavior.

In the trailer, we see this:

The banner at top of forums shows this:

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Yet every screenshot from the game I've seen so far looks like this (pristine and the same every time):

Taken from forum screenshots players have posted…

Example of a real world 'relatively calm' day:

PS: In stormy weather, would be great to sometimes see HUGE swells in the seas and oceans :slight_smile:

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Up the windspeed to 20-40 kts. The waves are real!


Water wave works with wind, you need to increase the wind in weather, from flat, calm to heavy wave are all in, also wind direction affect the wave.


That’s probably a side-effect of the real-world wind data not working very good yet


Seeing more and more reports on the fact that Wind literally doesn’t exist on Live Weather

I can also confirm that something seems off with Live Weather and wind speeds, regardless of location or time of day.

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“Doesn’t exist” is maybe a tad harsh. I had a 55 kt. crosswind over the Mediterranean today at FL 330.

lol, you’re not gonna see much of rough seas at that flight level. try FL 030 with that same wind, and you’ll see them.