Where are with Study level long haulers?

I feel like MSFS really needs a long hauler, I know the A310 will be here soon, I have/had that in X-plane, but we need a good 767/747/777/A330 you know something that is still current too.

This for me is really the only reason I bought XP12, I have XP11 but since deleted it as MSFS is my main sim now, but in wanting to try the new X-plane it also means I have a good few long haulers to use. Obviously I would much prefer them in MSFS.


yes I wish Rotate could bring their MD11 to Fs2020. I guess in a years time we will have some study level longhaulers. remember when the Leonardo MD80 and Fenix appeared then the bae146 and Pmdg 737. Much like waiting a long time for a bus .then suddenly six arrive all at once.


After the PMDG 737-900 is released, the next one from them will be the 777 line.

FBW has their A380 in the works, Aersoft has an A330.


“Where are with Study level long haulers?” —> They are in the year 2027 :wink:

Be patient young padawan. Be patient. I already have a study level Boeing 757 and 767 from Flight Factor, and you can be sure they are an absolute blast to fly and you have something truly awesome to look forward too.

I’m hoping for the Tfdi MD11 to announce something soon. They’ve been working on it for quite a while now but development updates have always been rather scarse.

Aerosoft will probably drop their A330 soon but knowing them it’s probably half finished and will mostly simulate button lights instead of their actual functions: you’d probably still be able to start up the engines without actually activating the fuel pumps or APU bleed. :man_shrugging: …And then when asked they’ll probably ban you from their forum and lie that there’s a sim-limitation reason for it. :joy: Yeah, not spending money on that anymore…

Sure wondering how that A380 is coming along too.


How are the TFDi aircraft quality-wise? I have never flown one. But the screenshots look very good!

They have some classics like the Boeing 717 on their website. Is TFDi study-level stuff or 90% fake-buttons?
The cockpit is coming along nicely, but two years of development are to be expected:

Hahaha that was cynical. :smiley:
Well the big problem is, Fenix only has the professional base software for Airbus A320 pilot training, that´s why the sad truth is there probably won´t ever be a second Fenix-greatness in our hangars, we will probably never get a Fenix A340 or Fenix A330.

But sooner or later someone will show up with the same enthusiasm and love to attention to detail, like Flight Sim Labs or Flight Factor or iniBuilds or Toliss, and bring another break-through-visual-quality Airbus model with superb study-level system depth :slight_smile:

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there is a prosim 737 so maybe Fenix takes this in future.

TFDi is very comparable to PMDG functionality.
Their 717 was quite nice both in cockpit function and in flight.

“But I want it NOW!” :wink:

While not exactly a “long hauler” like I think the OP was talking about, I would really love to see a 717 in the sim. The Mad Dog is great, but the 717 would be a fun addition!

Don´t worry today at 17:01 Greenwich Mean Time, one minute after SU10, Fenix will release their A319, A321, A330 and A340 variants with or without winglets, as cargo variant, and with optional IAE v2500 and Pratt & Whitney engines with fully animated rotating compressors and low pressure stage turbine in the engine core and behind the exhaust cone.
You will even see the rotating high-pressure turbine glow when looking inside the engine from the back at full throttle roar.

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