Where can I find documentation for the new aircraft?


So basically, now that we’ve got the detailed A310 and the Beaver in the sim, where can I find some in-depth documentation on how to properly operate them? For example JustFlight’s PA28 has a lengthy PDF with all it’s systems and functions, do the new planes have something like that too?

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Search for pdf on OneStore folder. There are some manuals at least for A310, DC-3, Goose and Jenny in the aircraft installation folders. The installation folders are those ones typically starting with “Asobo-aircraft…” or “microsoft-aircraft…”.


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If you look at the Beaver feedback thread, some documentation has already been posted there, like link to Milviz manual for their previous sim model, and recommended cruise settings from the engine’s manual.

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Thanks I’ll definitely look into it :slight_smile:

You can find the PDF manual for the A310 here : Aircraft Manuals - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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