Where can I get full extracted list of airports in MFS2020?

Hi, over the past four years, I’ve likely spent thousands on airports, and now I own hundreds of them. Given the amount of money I’ve invested, I’m not keen on starting at the default airport and definitely don’t want to fly to default destinations. I want to utilize only the airports I’ve purchased and the one already included with the updates.

There is option in Air Hauler 2 to batch list airports to exclude so the jobs won’t be generated from those airports.
With data base I found I only got around 30800 airports after removing the one I got or where added by Asobo with World Update. So I’m missing another 6-7k airports and that means that Air Hauler still is generating the jobs from some random generic airports.
Please help me. Asked this question on few websites.

Think if you look at Volanta, you can have it display your installed scenery, in setting there is option to “Scan Installed Scenery” and then this is displayed on the map, so you can plan routes to and from them.

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I know it’s not the answer to your question but I recommend google maps to keep track on what hand crafted airports you have. My map looks like this and it’s very handy when I am planning the next flight.

Each airport has extra information with ICAO code, its name and also if I have GSX profile for it.

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As I’v learned in the beginning of MSFS2020 there are around 40.000 airfields covered in the sim worldwide.
It’s true that many of them are very basic in layout but… my main concern is if there’s a fuel station available.
Sure, you can top of the tanks via the sim menu but that feels like cheating.
Currently flying a worldtour with a PC-21 with a friend and we plan our legs in detail.
We’ve started at EHTE and are now in new Zealand.
It’s gonna be an interresting challenge to reach South America.
Fuel management will be key and is ‘doable’ but IRL you’ll have to deal with the risk of an (engine) failure. ( where’s that alternative airfield again :smirk:?)
In a real plane we wouldn’t dare to take that risk.

Anyway: Happy :small_airplane:

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Thank you everyone but I actually found it, anyone ever need it
I can upload the file with all 36974 airports in MFS database

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Little Navmap can show them as well.