Where Did All of the Ships and Boats Go?

Is it me, or did we lose a lot of sea traffic post-update? I flew all over water this week and didn’t notice a single vessel. Of course, I flew in places that are new to me- English Channel, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean. Has it always been like this? Are boats just visible near some coasts?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sea traffic at all … even with the sliders on 100%. Definitely a ‘missed opportunity’. I’m looking forward to some of the imminent add ons such as global-ai-ship-traffic … hopefully starting to turn the very sterile world we fly in today into something more ‘lived in’.

Although I did hear another aircraft today (just the one), so that’s something :smile:

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There’s a freebie from Orbx that populates the Channel Isles (UK) if you’d like to use that. Otherwise everyone’s waiting on Henrik’s update.

I’ve always seen boats in popular places, but I guess they were just thrown in with the addon scenery maybe? Anywhoo, that’s great news about the addon coming! I think it will bring this world to life a bit, since it’s been such a challenge to find a way to model aircraft for AI up until now :man_shrugging:

The channel island freebie has LOTS of boats, static and moving …


ORIGINAL: The Seafront Vessels addon doesn’t seem to work well. I cranked sliders to 50, the same 12 ships are present around Jersey airport no matter what. No more, no less.


I cranked the sliders to 90 AND I launched out of Guernsey instead of Jersey. Much better static traffic.

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In the Aegean Sea in Greece i always have boats. (i am Greek,in Greece as well)
P.S I have all traffic to 100

I don’t see any, but maybe I’m just at cruising altitude and they don’t show up.

Hi @CasualClick You should be seeing activity (animated/AI boats) along the coast too, please let us know if this isn’t the case. :+1:

Hi @SeafrontSims - the coast wasn’t generating any more traffic at 90 than it did at lower settings. I pulled out all Mods except yours to test. This is SU3.

Hi @CasualClick - There’s a mix of pre-animated and AI boats in the package. The pre-animated ones will always appear whereas the AI boats will appear with the sliders at 10% or above. 10% will give you all of our AI vessels so there’s no need to increase (unless you want more MSFS default ones of course).

Ok thanks. Do you have an ad-hoc map or diagram showing where roughly we should be looking for traffic in this package (other than the marinas)? I think that might help settle questions.

Juliana St Maartens, Orbx boats, Float Xcub

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There’s no boats in the Great Lakes right now anywhere. Even with the GAIST boat mod running - and I ‘see’ them when connected in LittleNavMap, but nothing in sim. I think the GAIST dev said the issue is that all boats and water objects are placed at sea level - except if you are say 500 feet above that like Lake Erie, then those objects are under the water, not on it. Hopefully this gets addressed soon - love flying around my home area Cleve, but the lakes should be teaming with freighters and soon sailboats and others, but its just - empty and sad looking. lol

Hmm … that will make it interesting if we ever get tides, the ships will slowly sink as the tide comes in.

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