Where did my ILS glideslope go?

I’m working on improving a small airport near me and have made the runways, taxiways, approach lights, etc. all nice.

Something’s messed up the ILS glideslope though. Without my customizations installed planes pick up the glideslope fine. With the customizations installed the glideslope is completely wrong: when I’m descending at the right altitude in a plane the slope indicator shows me way, way, way, high.

I’ve made sure when I created the airport to indicate I do not want the built-in approaches or ILS information removed, and when I look at the XML file it shows both those as “false”.

What am I doing wrong? Is the game ignoring the built-in approaches anyway and I have to manually add them to the XML?

my glide slope doesn’t engage at all. I am flying always the same way and it used to be no problem landing. Now, localizer engages but glide slope does not catch on all all. very annoying…