Where do I find "empty cg position"

its missing from my weight tab in flight simulator. do i have to enable it somewhere?

Try dragging the right hand edge of that window over to make it larger. I think the option will appear.


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If you’re trying to enter the ZFW/ZFWCG into the Airbus MCDU. You don’t have to enter the value manually. Just press the button next to the empty boxes and the MCDU will put the correct values in the input section. Press the same button again to store the numbers.

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I think you can only see the slider mentioned on the fuel page before starting the flight when picking your airplane at the world screen.

No. It’s as @marsman20208043 stated.

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I guess I’ve never dragged that window to be large enough to see it! Thanks!

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Thank you! I feel so dumb!

thanks for the tip !