Where do you fly?

I started out mostly in Southern California, USA. Since that’s where I’m from. Took a few trips from riverside to the San Fernando Valley, went over to Las Vegas. I checked out the grand canyon.
But I started onair and set my base airport in Copenhagen, I bought that airport from the marketplace so I’ve been flying all over that area, a lot in Sweden, and I’ve flown quite a bit around France. I play at night here so it’s day time over there which is preferable for my deliveries.
I took the japan trip, I never realized how dense and big Tokyo was, that was really cool, I might move my base airport over there.


Mostly… to the ground. :wink:

I’m still spending 98% of my time over in Indonesia - especially Papua New Guinea. All because of this guy:

If you’re not watching his channel now, and you’re interested in Bush Flying in some of the most spectacular and dangerous terrain in the world, you should be. This guy flies a Quest Kodiak 100, mostly solo, talks you through each flight, and seems to have endless confidence and courage. I guess that’s what professionalism does for you. It’s epic.


Google Fun Places to Fly and it brings up a website by state, region, area of cool places to fly to. I started with all the cool places in GA, then NC and I am now in TN. Simulated flying at it’s best. Especially if you are flying to the next airport to eat lunch!

Mainly from Copenhagen to Berlin while getting to know the Airbus.

When first released I flew all over the place and trying to hit all the airports that were built for the Premium Deluxe that I purchased. Now I find myself mostly flying around where I currently live and/or places I have traveled to around the world.

BTW I live in Central Florida and KMCO is always packed with traffic which makes it a lot of fun.

I know, what’s the deal? I used to live in Dallas back in the late 80’s. It has a beautiful skyline, especially the bank building that is outlined in lights from top to bottom. That and so much more interesting architecture is missing. Hopefully that will be corrected soon.

I started at KSQL in Northern California and made my way down to SoCal.

Then I started doing this, and it’s been a fun way to explore small airports.

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Bit of an update. Khomutovo- Seatle Tacoma- Los Angles/LAX- Mexico City- Havana Hurricane the way to Quito - Santiago (CAT III) - Punta Arenas(SCCI)- Buenos Aires (SAEZ)- Rio de Janeiro (Galeao)- Fortaleza (SBFZ)- now I am enroute to Caracas (SVMI).

When weather permits (this time of year at least), I base myself out of my home airport of CYGK. It’s a good spot that gives me access to a lot of Eastern Canada and NE US for IFR flights that won’t last ridiculously long.

My ‘second homes’ would be Miami Opa Locks (KOPF) where I fly all over Florida, neighbouring states, the Bahamas and Carribean. It’s great for both IFR flights and VFR sightseeing.

I also fly out of San Diego (KSAN). I like it because I have the KSAN pack from the market place, which does the airport but also adds a lot of landmarks and stuff in downtown SD. I also use the freeware US Navy and North Island scenery packs. When photogrammetry decides to work properly (no melted buildings), the area looks incredibly good and real as a result. Of course, there’s a lot of cool stuff to see around SoCal, so it’s a great base of operations.

Of course, I randomly pick stuff around the world when I feel like exploring, but those are my 3 main bases I operate out of normally.

If the weather is good ( It is always good because here in the sim where I am a God.) I prefer to fly daylight VFR in the NW mountains from Mexico to Nome where the scenery is a Bush Flyers paradise and never boring01. It can be very exciting following a river into the mountains and then discovering that you have just flown into a tight box canyon where an Immelman is your only chance of escape.
I call myself Gypsy Pilot because I roam North America, but, it should be the Cat Man to account for all of the lives I have wasted trying to do things that you just can’t do. Well, one of the best things about simming is that aircraft repairs and ambulance rides are free.
I also have a deep love of flying float planes. If someone would release a souped up Carbon Cub on amphib floats I would find Nirvana.