Where do you guys get most of your Addons and Mods for MSFS 2020?

Hi there, Where do you guys get most of your Addons and Mods for MSFS 2020? Trying to understand why some people have so many GB of mods and addons for example 200-300GB of addons and mods. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Freeware mostly https://flightsim.to/

Payware from the developer or Orbx.


I think you mean flightsim.to

flightsim.to is my ‘go-to’ site…

If you’re new to mod’s, flightsim.to has a great “must have” section.

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Yep as above.It’s pretty much your one stop freeware site.They have some payware that’s slowly expanding.Otherwise look at the individual payware Developers websites.Orbx.Aerosoft.Flying Iron.Impulse Simulations just to name a few.


Still no mods and no add -ons on my end.

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Ohh, nice to see my Subtle Taxi Ribbon mod is listed there… :grin:
Now just waiting patiently for the Generic A320 Traffic mod to be up there on that list too. Hahaha.


It’s a good one!

Flightsim.to is by far the best site for freeware and they’ve recently also started a payware section.

For Payware I buy where it’s cheapest mostly. That could be the developer directly, Orbx, Aerosoft, Flightsim.com or JustFlight.

I try to avoid the Marketplace because of the slow updates, and Simmarket because they sell so much stuff that borders on scams. Also Simmarket are often the most expensive.

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I use the marketplace mostly for payware for two reasons. One I have both PC and Xbox, and two it supports future development of the sim as MS get a cut. I do wish updates didn’t take as long though.



Most of my AddOns are payware anyway. I prefer the shops in the following order, if they are available on multiple of them:

  1. Contrail Shop
  2. Simmarket
  3. ORBX
  4. Aerosoft
  5. Directly from the dev

I avoid the Marketplace whenever possible, i have about 4 or 5 AddOns tho from there as they are not available outside of the Marketplace and i still wanted them and to support the dev, but luckily this is a very rare case.

I also always first ask these devs to sell outside of marketplace. Carenado for example is a NoGo for me. I might have bought one or two AddOns from them, if they were available outside of Marketplace, but they arent, and i dont really want them, so they miss out on my money.

Mostly Flightsim.to » Must-Have Mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Stuff like seasonal trees etc. from Bijan at


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interesting topic about the Marketplace…

I did not know about the Must-Have section until now. Thanks @skypilotYTS

Same here.

I have thousands of dollars worth of add ons (including CD based packages for FS2000, FS2002, FS2004) including weather engines, photo scenery, airports, aircraft for older versions and P3D.

As of now, I have no add ons installed in MSFS2020. I did that first for stability given the reports of crashes that I wasn’t having, and now I just found that I don’t find I really need add ons.

Eventually if 3rd parties like A2A join the party and sell updated aircraft, I’ll probably buy. Likewise, there are some airports I probably want to upgrade, but will wait for things to really settle down between the sim updates and the Windows 11 upgrade.

The relevant point is I couldn’t even use FSX or P3D without hundreds of dollars of additional 3rd party add ons. It was more of a requirement than a luxury, just to make the sim useable. Now the default sim out of the box is leaps and bounds ahead.

For freeware, flightsim.to really should be the only place most people go to. It’s so far ahead of any of the other freeware sites in terms of content and just overall user experience.

For payware, there’s of course the in-sim marketplace (some love it, some hate it, some are forced to use it [Xbox]). Simmarket.com is probably the most reputable, but there are others as well. Although flightsim.to is now starting to offer payware as well. Its selection is still limited, but starting to grow.